Release party and Twitter live-chat


As mentioned on a blog post a few weeks back, we’ll be holding our delayed Regency Love 2.0 release party this Friday (18 Sept). As part of the celebrations, we’ll be on Twitter from 6-7pm AEST, ready to answer any questions you have about the game, the stories, the characters, and anything else you might have been wondering. Up until now, I (Samantha) have been answering most of the questions about future updates and technical glitches, but since all three of us are in the same country/hemisphere/physical space for the first time in over a year, we’re welcoming all sorts of questions, since we’ll be able to answer directly without having to exchange a dozen emails and/or texts. Additionally, if you have any questions for us individually in relation to our work (e.g. “Jenny, how many drafts of Mr XXX did you go through before the final thing?” or “Melody, how long did it take for you to create the initial database?”), please feel free to ask those, too. Basically, we’d love to talk about anything and everything related to Regency Love, Costume Theatre, and our possible future projects, so please ask away!

When joining us in the live chat and asking all your awesome questions, please use the hashtag #T43Chat. Our Twitter is @TeaForThreeTime, but you don’t have to mention us–the hashtag itself is perfect!

We also know that 6-7pm AEST (Sydney) on Friday mightn’t suit everyone–that’s 9-10am BST, 4-5am EDT, and 1-2am PDT (for more time zones, please consult this converter). But never fear: if you can’t make the live chat, you can ask your questions ahead of time using the hashtag #T43Chat, and we’ll answer them during 6-7pm AEST on Friday.

Please also check our Frequently Asked Questions, in case your question has already been answered.

And of course, it ain’t a party without some cake and tea (possibly of the spiked variety)! We’ve received some fan chocolate, and will definitely crack them open. Mel and I are also brainstorming some culinary ideas, including a whole bunch of gentlemen-themed cupcakes–that way, we can certainly have our cakes and eat them, too (and increase our Gluttonous personality trait). We’d love you to celebrate with us, so if you decide to om nom nom on anything lovely in honour of Regency Love this Friday, please share your photos and tag them with #T43Chat!

Hope you all have a fantastic week, and we look forward to chatting with you on Friday!

Found a bug or typo in Regency Love? Let us know here!

Welcome to the official Regency Love bugs and typos post, where we rely on your keenness and kindness to keep the game relatively free of pesky things. If you’ve found something that seems amiss, please check the comments to see if your bug/typo hasn’t already been reported—and if it hasn’t, please leave us a comment so we can add it to our to-do list!

If it is convenient for you to do so, please also send us a screenshot of the bug via

Many thanks in advance for your contribution and support!

Many thanks to those who have contributed to our hunt for bugs and typos! Since we’ve included an in-game bug-reporting button in our 5 November 2015 release, this post is now ready to retire and spend the rest of its days surrounded by copious amounts of tea.

Countdown: Yayayayay!

Apple has given their seal of approval, which means the update is pretty much ready to go! Samantha found out about this upon rising at 5am in Belfast, and promptly texted Melody (who’s at work at 2pm in Sydney), and we’ll be reconvening at noon/9pm cause Sam has to tweak the original release post she wrote and Mel has to do some final fiddly things on the App Store and then it will be available!

(Meanwhile, Jenny is impervious to timezones and is silently conquering the world with her artz.)