Updates, Sutton, and release party


Hello again, super awesome Regency Lovers! We at Tea For Three Studios have just had our latest cyber meeting (random titbit: they usually happen on Fridays), and now have a few announcements to share with you.

The next update
Melody and Jenny have been working on the next update, which will fix most of the bugs that have been flagged. This update is taking a while because they are also working on a proper iPad version, which means cleaning up some images for higher resolutions, and fiddling with screen space for the optimal iPad interface. We will also be including an in-game bug-reporting feature, in case there are any nasties we’ve not managed to squash this time round.

We can’t give you an exact timeline, but hope to have the next update available in two months or so.

Super Secret Sutton Shinies
Since mentioning there’s something Sutton-related in the works in our FAQ, we’ve seen a number of speculations across the Interwebs, travelling almost as quickly as gossip generated by Mrs Norris. Although we really want to say more about the shinies, we’ve decided to keep things under wraps until we’ve created a substantial amount of the work. Currently, we’re estimating a full announcement by mid-2016, and for the product to be launched in late 2016. This particular project involves something we’ve never done before, so we hope it’ll go smoothly, and that you’ll eventually enjoy our humble offerings.

Unofficial (and epically delayed) release party
Samantha will be in Sydney next month, so the team will be in the same country again for a bit! As such, we’ve decided to get together and have a mini-release party for Regency Love 2.0 on Friday, 18 September 2015, where we’ll be consuming celebratory cake (and perhaps some tipple) at Tea For Three Studios’ headquarters. If you’re looking for an excuse to eat cake, we’d love you to join us! We’ll also be hanging around Twitter and possibly Facebook to chat about Regency Love and to answer any potential questions—more details to come.

And that’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Updates, Sutton, and release party

  • Bess

    Ohh!!! I’m excited to see all this stuff in the works. I absolutely adore this game and you the ladies have done such a fantastic job with it!

  • I wish you would do a story arc where the heroine can end up with Mr Digby! I really like him and would like the chance to encourage and take him as a suitor!

    • Samantha

      We’ve toyed with the idea of fleshing out a proper pathway for Mr Digby, but for now, there are certainly ways of ending up with him–please check out the Wikia if you need a few tips. 🙂

      • Ooh my gosh really? That’s so exciting! Will definitely check that out!

        Many thanks.

        • Erin

          I’m excited to hear this, too! I’m going to pour over the Wikia and figure out where I’m going wrong with Digby. I heard you just don’t romance anyone else, but I tried that and failed when there were no other options on the town map, other than things like “take a walk with Miss Ashcroft” that would further THAT route… I will figure this out!

          • Same here Erin! I also turned down all suitors and STILL didn’t get Mr Digby to come up to scratch! : (

            Please post here if you manage to succeed!

  • Daniela

    Just curious…Is there a dark side to Mr. Graham, we didn’t get to see? He just seems too perfect. Wish you girls the best luck in the new project!

    • Dur

      I think Graham is the Bingley of this game, just like Sutton is the Darcy of it.

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