Regency Love App Update: iPad, bug fixes, metaphorical fireworks


Remember, remember, the fifth of November:
Darlington townsfolk and plot;
No need to wait,
So grab this update,
And start your next character slot.

While many parts of the British Isles are partaking in Guy Fawkes Day with all sorts of fireworkery today, Darlington remains relatively quiet, since Mrs Norris is most vocally against such tomfoolery. Although we at Tea For Three Studios would be the first to encourage any sort of silliness, we wouldn’t want to disagree openly with Mrs Norris—so we’ve decided to set off some metaphorical fireworks, and hope that with this latest Regency Love update, our sparks will light every corner of your heart!


Note: It may take up to a few hours for the update to be available, depending on Apple and/or your country’s App Store, but we’ve released it on our end!

This update includes the following major features:

  • Various bug fixes;
  • An iPad version with full compatibility and a separate interface;
  • In-game button to report any potential bugs (those pesky things!);
  • Some sneaky polishing of the graphics—and perhaps a surprise or two.

Specifically, we’ve fixed these bugs:

  • Schoolchildren weren’t showing up in the memoirs, but are now visible to keep your inner “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mode happy;
  • Sometimes the database becomes corrupt during the migration between updates. We’ve fixed a few of the bugs, but we’re not always sure what causes it. In case you do encounter a bug we’ve missed, there is a way to start a clean game while keeping your achievements;
  • Players couldn’t progress in the story despite maxing out their stats, which has been fixed.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the bug-fixing by contacting us through all sorts of platforms, including our official reporting post. Since our in-game “Report a Problem” button will be a much easier way for you to help us weed out any bugs, typos, and other nasties in the future, we’ll be closing comments to the post—it’s certainly had a good run!

And before we go, you know what we said earlier about not having fireworks in Darlington? Well, as long as Mrs Norris doesn’t find out…


8 thoughts on “Regency Love App Update: iPad, bug fixes, metaphorical fireworks

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  • Yay. This has been the best app I’ve ever played I just adore it so much! Thanks for the update!

    • Surirpsing to think of something like that

  • Veronica

    Awesome app! I have only had it for like 10 days, and I have 46 out of 50 achievements!! (Any hints on how I can get the “Secret Admirer”?)

    • Durrah

      I think you have to accept the flowers left on your door step while you are playing Graham’s route (Spoiler alert: they are from Graham).
      Make sure you say you like flowers when you go on a walk with him prior to that or you might not get the bouquet.

  • Mira E.

    When I opened up the new update for the iPad, the menu background immediately captured my attention and it was stunning! Beautiful. But honestly I have to admit, I was just a teensy bit disappointed with the update.

    Firstly, I noticed that when you write your name into the field, the name field and buttons are way too small for the iPad screen. Secondly, the characters in the game just look blown up and blurry – pretty much pixelized in fact, which is extremely unappealing to the human eye when playing the game (or maybe this is what happens with iPad 2 devices and older?). Anyway, I know you guys work super hard on your projects, and I appreciate everything you do!

  • Rebekah

    Hello – will there be an Android version??

  • Thanks for your update. I downloaded one with my friend’s mobile phone. Its interface is novel and the character design is very vivid! I have the same problem. Does it have an apple version?

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