Found a bug or typo in Regency Love? Let us know here!

Welcome to the official Regency Love bugs and typos post, where we rely on your keenness and kindness to keep the game relatively free of pesky things. If you’ve found something that seems amiss, please check the comments to see if your bug/typo hasn’t already been reported—and if it hasn’t, please leave us a comment so we can add it to our to-do list!

If it is convenient for you to do so, please also send us a screenshot of the bug via

Many thanks in advance for your contribution and support!

Many thanks to those who have contributed to our hunt for bugs and typos! Since we’ve included an in-game bug-reporting button in our 5 November 2015 release, this post is now ready to retire and spend the rest of its days surrounded by copious amounts of tea.

30 thoughts on “Found a bug or typo in Regency Love? Let us know here!

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  • Jasmin

    I just replayed the game with my beloved Mr Ashcroft, so these are the bugs I noticed:

    After you see Mr Ashcroft for the first time in the woods, there’s a typo when you’re home, it says “a glimpse of a handome stranger”

    There seems to be a problem with the character sprites, they either didn’t turn up when the character was talking, or it was the wrong one (a problem I just had with the Ashcroft siblings)

    That’s all for now, but I really enjoy the new achievement, thank you for such a great game

  • Rachel

    Just finished playing the new update with Mr Graham.

    After the engagement, when Mary comes over to congratulate you, the conversation goes wonky. I would choose one option and she would say something, then all of a sudden she would start a new conversation making it seem like I chose another option. Also she talks about a large inheritance and that Mr Graham and I are moving to (Cambridgeshire? Not sure on the spelling) out of nowhere, it was kinda confusing.

    But overall it’s an awesome update and Mr Graham is by far my favourite character now! Excellent job well done guys!! 😀

  • Joy

    I updated my app, and now it keeps crashing right when I open it. I haven’t gotten past the title page yet. I’m super excited for the update and new characters, though! It looks amazing, and this is one of my all-time favorite apps!

    • Joy

      I just deleted and reinstalled the game and it seems to be working now. Lost my old game saves, but that’s not a big deal. Can’t wait to play the new route!

      • Melody

        Oh no! I thought I’d caught all of those database related bugs. It only happens very rarely so they’re a bit hard to weed out. Thanks for letting us know. I still have to keep an eye out on how to fix that one for good.

  • Eliza

    In “Route into town” (I think that’s what it was called) where you meet Mr Graham in the woods, I’m not sure what happened but after I picked my answer, his speech bubble appeared blank and then I found myself in my room.

  • Sheelba

    Had exactly the same problem as Eliza. Also the achievement of discovering that *spoiler* is the lampton house benefactor triggered after the school visit, before I actually found out who it was!

    • Leala

      I encountered this as well.

  • Celeste

    Whenever someone tries to talk to you using the nickname you put in, it just goes with the full first name still.

  • Queza De Santi

    I can’t remember exactly where I found this typo — I just took a screenshot when I passed by it — but I think it was after meeting Miss Ashcroft for the first time in the haberdashery. After you leave said haberdashery, there’s a commotion in town between Miss Ingram and Mr Winslow, I believe. The line with the typo is:

    “You notice Mrs Norris among the crowd. She is frowning and shaking her with more severity than usual.”

    I believe there should be a “head” in between “shaking her” and “with more”. 🙂

    I’ll let you know if I come across anything else. 🙂 Otherwise, great job! I’m really enjoying going through Regency Love for my first time! <3

  • Melania

    When Mr. Ashcroft and Mr. Curtis visit you and ask you about Mr. Graham, if you two are just friends, you can say that Mr. Graham has a special place in your heart. Mr. Curtis and Mr. Ashcroft are both very sad about it, they leave me alone, but the quests with both of them continue to appear. But they said ‘Goddbye’ to me. It`s supposed to be like that? It´s a little bit weird.

  • Melissa

    I played the game for the first time with Mr Ashcroft. After the Worthington ball he sends you a letter with a gift but there’s no description/picture/cutscene of what the gift actually is.

    I also had a couple of the same problems mentioned in the comments, specifically where the achievement of finding out who the lampton house benefactor is appears before you actually find out yourself, and that other characters only use the full first name throughout the story, not the nickname.

    Thanks for such an awesome (and addictive) game! 😀

  • Queza De Santi

    I found a couple of other bugs / typos while I was playing last night. I figured I’d just send you an e-mail with the screenshots, but just in case the others encounter the same, I’m listing them down here (not necessarily in chronological order).

    _ I also got the Lampton House achievement before actually “finding out” in the story who the proprietor is (though I figured as much anyway, given the rather strong ‘hints’).

    _ When visiting the Earlwoods to go out to pick flowers, etc. with Mary and Lettice, Mary’s dialogue gets cut off: “[…] but the girls and I are eager to take some fresh”.

    _ When answering a question wrong: “Have you no sense of the in world you are living?” I’m not 100% certain that you mean that as is, but I don’t think ‘in’ should be there, or at least it should be at the end of the question, shouldn’t it?

    _ In the chapter where you go to the park to do archery with Mary and Mr. Digby, although I did NOT choose the “make Mr. Digby fetch me tea” (non-verbatim xP) option, after concluding with the option I did choose, it skips to the scene where “Mr. Digby causes quite a commotion as he attempts to fulfil your request. He eventually returns with your tea, but it is cold and bitter.”

    _ After Lord Fat Cat accompanies you home, it says “With a final squish of his tail […]” I believe that should be ‘swish’ of his tail?

    _ At the end of Tom Winslow’s letter inviting you out to a picnic, there is a typo: “Yours &c,”

    That’s what I’ve found so far. 🙂 Again, if you would like the screenshots, let me know. ^_^

  • Melody

    Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all of your bug hunting! We will do our best to address these in the next update. Some are a little trickier than others to fix but finding them is half the battle. Thank you all!

  • Myra L.

    The second cutscene of Mr. Graham in my house does not show in the extra gallery, can you please fix it? It’s such a wonderful picture!

    You girls are wonderful!

  • Tracie

    Maybe I am playing the game wrong, but before if you denyed the engagement of Mr. Ashcroft or Mr. Curtis, Mr. Digby comes by to confess his love. Now he never comes by and the game goes on until your skills are completely refined and then it doesn’t do anything.

  • Rose

    Hi, I’m a big fan of the game! I’ve had the endings with Mr. Curtis and Mr. Ashcroft and I’m eager to play Mr. Graham’s route!

    One problem I’m having though is it takes a while for me to press some of the choices now. This wasn’t a problem before I downloaded Graham’s route, even with the new update. Has anyone else had this issue/is there a fix?

  • Popping in from to say: I had not yet posted on the bugs report page because, frankly, there are several problems, and it’s going to be rather than time consuming for everyone to chase them all down. I’m happy to do it if y’all give me specific directions on how best to document and report them, but I want to be sure y’all have the time and money to get it fixed before I put in the effort.

    Besides story-flow issues (like Mr. Curtis and Mr. Ashworth still coming to call even after saying “I’m never showing up again” and Mary acting like my totally-head-over-heels-in-love-with-Mr.-Graham-MC is ambivalent towards him), I’m having several sentences that just keep going even though there’s no screen space. Or a scene ends abruptly if I choose the wrong dialog option. And, yes, a few typos too.

    Would screenshots help in any of those cases? A list of errors organized by scene setting in a word document?

  • Hi, I found something odd last night when playing and that was that although I agreed with Mama not to go dashing off in pursuit of Mr Curtis to Yorkshire – I still went! It just proceeded on in spite of my decision.

    I’m finding it very difficult at the moment to try and end up with Mr Digby. I spurned Mr Curtis’ offer of marriage and now it seems like I’m going to have to do the same with Mr Ashcroft. I do hope Mr Digby picks up the hint soon!

  • Keith

    I rejected Mr ashcroft and only got one more story item, then nothing but trivia questions. No epilogue etc

    Let me know if you want me to email you any of the save files. I’ve jailbreaked my iPad so I can get at them if, that would be useful to you..


  • Andrea

    During the picnic in the park with the archery, Mr. Digby asks if there is anything he can do to make the main character more comfortable. I had the main character answer that he had done enough already, and he supposedly leaves the main character in peace, but immediately after he “attempts to fulfill [her] request” and returns with tea.

  • Stephanie

    I’m really loving this game but it seems to have stopped providing me with story advancement options. Mr Curtis invited me to a dinner out of town, but it’s never shown up as an option. Mr Ashcroft was supposed to never speak to me again, but his story options kept being the only things to pop up. I went ahead and did them, reconciling him with his brother, and now there are no options at all? Please help, I really want to keep playing!

    • Lindsay

      I am having this issue too. All my skills are at 100 and I have not seen any epilogues. There are not any options to advance the story. Please help! I really want to finish a storyline.

  • Yuwei

    I got the “Progressive Educator” achievement after visiting Lambert House but I hadn’t discovered that Mr. Curtis was the benefactor yet, just had a conversation with him about education.

  • Melody

    Thanks everyone for all your help with finding bugs! We’ve fixed a bunch of them and are almost ready release an update. Hopefully the major problems with story progression have been sorted out. Just in case we haven’t caught all of them, we’re including a “report problem” button that will send us a game log to help us pin point exactly where things went wrong.

  • Sarah

    After I accepted Mr Ashcroft’s proposal, the options for a courtship with Mr Graham remained, and I managed to accept Mr Graham’s proposal as well. Mr Ashcroft came over to expressed his displeasure but he was somewhat appeased upon hearing that the acquaintance was one that was getting serious? Afterwards, I attended Ms Ashcroft’s ball and got to the epilogue, which described marriage lives with both Mr Ashcroft and Mr Graham.

  • Sophie

    Whenever I play Mr. Ashcroft’s storyline it disappears after he and Ellie come over to the main characater’s house for the first time!

  • Sophie

    Whenever I play Mr. Ashcroft’s storyline it disappears after he and Ellie come over to the main character’s house for the first time.

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