Quiz Answers and Guessing Game

Here are the results from the character quiz last week:

  1. Miss Mary Earlwood
  2. Mr Graham
  3. Mr Curtis
  4. Lord Sutton
  5. Mrs Norris
  6. Miss Phoebe Ingram
  7. Miss Eleanor Ashcroft
  8. Mr Ashcroft
  9. Mr Digby
  10. Mr Richard Ashcroft

Did you get them all correct?

On that note: we have seen quite a bit of speculation on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog about whether Sutton’s love interest is the MC from Regency Love. In response, we have shared the following:

  • Sutton’s love interest in the novel is an NPC from Regency Love
  • The MC from Regency Love will feature in the novel

Based on those two hints, will you be able to guess:

  1. The identity of Sutton’s love interest; and
  2. How the MC features in the novel?

Those with correct answers to both will get a special mention in Lady Lavender! Please email your answers to [samantha] at [teaforthreestudios] dot com with the subject ‘LL: Guessing Game’. Get your speculations in by 3 October – that’s when we’ll be revealing the answers!

3 thoughts on “Quiz Answers and Guessing Game

  • Eriberri

    Ooh I’m joining in! 🙂
    It’s a shame that the MC isn’t our Regency love MC, but hopefully RL MC will still get some love in future updates of the Regency Love game (pleasepleaseplease)?
    Hyped about Lady Lavender, and more of our tall, dark and handsome Sutton! 😀

  • Aphra

    Ohhhh I’m really disappointed I really thought it was the RL MC even after seeing the reply in the Twitter but oh well we love you and we will support you no matter what and (who knows you might give us a little glimpse on how our regency love MC is doing)

  • Kelly

    I think it’ll be either Mary or Eleanor.
    But I’m leaning toward Mary.

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