Regency Love: Characters Quiz

How well do you remember Regency Love’s characters? Here are ten quotations from the game – can you determine the speakers?

  1. ‘Mama heard from Mrs Norris this morning that the Hall has been sold, and the new proprietor intends to open up a school for anyone who wishes to receive an education. What a strange thing to do!’
  2. ‘I admit I am much awed by your deftness with needle and thread. I have tried to mend my own clothing, but the results are far from satisfactory.’
  3. ‘Ah yes, I do believe the excess substance hidden in my port has caused me to lose my faculties this evening, for I am finding this dance not as tedious as I would have imagined.’
  4. ‘‘Yes, but you and I are different—we’ve seen each other’s backsides when comparing who received the worse lashing after a splendid morning in the mud. There’s hardly a place for etiquette after such a bond has been created.’
  5. ‘Oh, I have heard such distressing news, and must share them with you immediately!’
  6. ‘Mr Brown has long been a family friend—he and Papa rather enjoy playing chess together. Mr Brown was gracious enough to have us at Norwich for a few months, during which I made his better acquaintance.’
  7. ‘I have been considering the possibility of coming out to society in the upcoming season, though I do not particularly wish to go to London.’
  8. ‘I…am ashamed of my treatment towards you, <FormalAddress>. You have been nothing but caring towards my family, and I was unforgivable in the way I have spoken and behaved.’
  9. ‘Well, your eyes are as bottomless as the old well, that is now the lavatory—oh, I do not quite mean that, uh…’
  10. ‘Well, brother, let’s not keep the ladies waiting. I, for one, am positively famished.’

Teaser: All these characters will feature in Lady Lavender! The answers will be revealed on our blog on 26 September, along with another guessing game. In the meantime, feel free to share your answers with us here on our blog, Facebook, or Twitter!

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2 thoughts on “Regency Love: Characters Quiz

  • Ariana

    1. Mary
    2. Mr. Graham <333
    3. Mr. Curtis
    4. Lord Sutton
    5. Mrs. Norris
    6. Phoebe
    7. Dear, sweet Ellie! <3
    8. Mr. Ashcroft
    9. Mr. Digby
    10. Richard, I think?

  • Susanna

    1. Mary
    2. Mr. Graham, the dreamiest of all the guys unless you’re trying to marry somebody else, then he’s impossible to get rid of
    3. Mr. Curtis
    4. Lord Sutton
    5. Mrs. Norris, everything is distressing to her
    6. Phoebe
    7. Ellie
    8. Mr. Ashcroft, also super dreamy
    9. Mr. Digby
    10. Richard, who I wish had a storyline in which I could drop his brother and marry him

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