Lady Lavender: Cover Reveal + Spin-off Backstory

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to present to you: the Lady Lavender (draft) cover!

What do you think of the cover? Do let us know your thoughts!

Update: Our Kickstarter link is live!

As promised, here is the backstory for Lady Lavender:

Back in 2015 when we first created Lord Sutton (a plot bunny of Jenny’s genius), we were adamant he was someone the MC could not romance. He was supposed to be someone who is mostly rude to the MC, but then reveals his rudeness is a cover for his feelings – quite a cliché, we know, but delicious nonetheless.

However, as we developed Mr Graham’s story arc and fleshed out Lord Sutton’s character, we started succumbing to his charms. Ever so gradually, he became the rich, artistic, flamboyant, broody, Byronic man we know today. When Samantha wrote his confession scene, she was definitely struggling with breaking poor Sutton’s heart. However, it was the right thing to do, and both Jenny and Melody approved of the scene, which now exists in the game.

Then Mr Graham’s story pack was released, and we received many comments and messages about wanting to end up with Lord Sutton. While we did consider exploring this, we decided to remain with our original intention: to capture those bittersweet feelings of unresolved tension and what could never be. We wanted to keep eliciting those emotions in Regency Love, despite the heartbreak that comes with it – after all, we all know what happens to certain characters in the Dragon Age series, to the Friar’s letter in Romeo and Juliet, to Erik and Charles on a Cuban beach in X-Men: First Class, but we still keep going back to those stories.

Then one day, an idea came to Samantha: Lord Sutton and Ellie would be perfect for each other, and a spin-off novel would allow us to explore a romance with Lord Sutton in a different way. We liked the idea’s potential, and we saw it as an opportunity to break out of our format for a little bit, and to give Samantha a bit more freedom in shaping the narrative – there are so many aspects of Lord Sutton’s character we can explore with a novel that we can’t with in-game dialogue (even with the occasional eavesdropping)!

After five years of writing and re-writing, a few rounds of feedback from Melody, gorgeous artwork from Jenny, and some evenings spent over bubble tea, we have a story about Ellie, Lord Sutton, and their nearest and dearest (teaser: the novel contains a secondary romance). 

We hope you will enjoy Lady Lavender, and we look forward to your support on our Kickstarter – the launch day is only three days away (12 Oct)!

P. S. While the events in Regency Love and Lady Lavender are technically canonical, we absolutely endorse and encourage all manners of fanworks! We love that Regency Love has made it to AO3, and you are more than welcome to write your own versions of Lord Sutton’s story!

Regency Love App Update: iPad, bug fixes, metaphorical fireworks


Remember, remember, the fifth of November:
Darlington townsfolk and plot;
No need to wait,
So grab this update,
And start your next character slot.

While many parts of the British Isles are partaking in Guy Fawkes Day with all sorts of fireworkery today, Darlington remains relatively quiet, since Mrs Norris is most vocally against such tomfoolery. Although we at Tea For Three Studios would be the first to encourage any sort of silliness, we wouldn’t want to disagree openly with Mrs Norris—so we’ve decided to set off some metaphorical fireworks, and hope that with this latest Regency Love update, our sparks will light every corner of your heart!


Note: It may take up to a few hours for the update to be available, depending on Apple and/or your country’s App Store, but we’ve released it on our end!

This update includes the following major features:

  • Various bug fixes;
  • An iPad version with full compatibility and a separate interface;
  • In-game button to report any potential bugs (those pesky things!);
  • Some sneaky polishing of the graphics—and perhaps a surprise or two.

Specifically, we’ve fixed these bugs:

  • Schoolchildren weren’t showing up in the memoirs, but are now visible to keep your inner “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mode happy;
  • Sometimes the database becomes corrupt during the migration between updates. We’ve fixed a few of the bugs, but we’re not always sure what causes it. In case you do encounter a bug we’ve missed, there is a way to start a clean game while keeping your achievements;
  • Players couldn’t progress in the story despite maxing out their stats, which has been fixed.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the bug-fixing by contacting us through all sorts of platforms, including our official reporting post. Since our in-game “Report a Problem” button will be a much easier way for you to help us weed out any bugs, typos, and other nasties in the future, we’ll be closing comments to the post—it’s certainly had a good run!

And before we go, you know what we said earlier about not having fireworks in Darlington? Well, as long as Mrs Norris doesn’t find out…


Regency Love 2.0 is here!


Our lovely ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your patience over the last few weeks (and months)! We are excessively thrilled to present the long-awaited update for Regency Love, available now for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad! (To play on the iPad, you must first download it as an “iPhone only” app, and then enlarge it on your screen.)


Here’s a list of all the new features in this update:

  • A complete story arc for the charming and good-natured Mr Graham, available as an in-app purchase (accessible via the “shop” button on the home screen);
  • New stories for the townspeople;
  • Slight tweaks in Mr Ashcroft’s story arc to make a happy ending more easily obtainable;
  • A list of 40+ achievements to help you explore the different branches in the story—including a few Easter eggs;
  • The ability to support Tea For Three Studios in a “Pay What You Want” fashion, through supporting and patronising various in-game characters.

Although we have worked hard and done our best to deliver a flawless game, due to the limitations of time and resources, there are bound to be a few typos, bugs, or other errors. If you come across any of these, we ask you to report it on this post, and to be patient with us as we go about a fix.

We would also love to know what you think about our game, so please either leave your thoughts on the Regency Love Facebook page, or tweet about it with the hashtag #RegencyLove (and feel free to mention @TeaForThreeTime if space allows). If you’re particularly keen on Mr Graham, then do feel free to use #GrahamMayhem as well.

And now, we have a final set of goodies for you: super shiny Regency Love bookmarks to print at your leisure! We have bookmarks for Mr Ashcroft, Mr Curtis, Mr Graham, and Lord Fat Cat, and you can get them in singles or sets of fours (for easier printing), and in either colour or black and white. Click on the (massive) thumbnail to download the ZIP with all the goodies:


You would also have our heartfelt gratitude if you would share them with anyone you know—or don’t know—by leaving these in libraries, cafes, bookshops, classrooms, or anywhere else that takes your fancy. By doing so, you’ll be helping us expand our wonderful community, and thereby enabling us to create more content in the future. We would love it if you could take photos of the bookmarks you’ve left, and use the hashtag #RegencyLoving on Twitter or Instagram (and, for your reference, Samantha will be lurking on the latter as @lovelies8).

But that’s enough from me for now—I’ll let Regency Love do the rest of the talking! We hope you’ll enjoy!

P.S. Congratulations to the winners of our giveaway: Audie, Nina, and Sydney. Thank you all for participating!