Regency Love Giveaway

Have you played the main Regency Love, but was unable to get the in-app purchase for Graham’s story? Or do you have a friend who might be interested in Regency Love, but hasn’t gotten around to buying the game? As part of our Lady Lavender celebrations, we are giving away 25 promo codes for the main Regency Love game and the Graham in-app purchase (which is the only way to meet Lord Sutton).

To request a promo code, simply:

  1. Email [samantha] at [teaforthreestudios] dot [com]
  2. Use the subject ‘Code: RL’ for the main game or ‘Code: Graham’ for the expansion pack
  3. You may request one or the other, but not both

Codes will be given first come, first served.

Due to the App Store’s rules about promo codes, if you redeem a code for Regency Love, then you can only obtain the Graham story pack through an in-app purchase; conversely, you can only redeem the Graham code if you have a paid copy of Regency Love. As such, we are unable to give away the complete Regency Love games – but we hope you’ll enjoy this giveaway nonetheless!

We would love it very much indeed if you could help us spread the word about Regency Love and Lady Lavender across social media. We are using the hashtags #RegencyLove and #LadyLavender

Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to receiving your emails!

Lady Lavender: Campaign Announcement

Dearest Regency Lovers:

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign! Lady Lavender is a romance novel featuring Lord Sutton, Miss ________ (to be revealed in early October!), and a host of other beloved characters from Regency Love. After the crowdfunding campaign, the novel will be available for purchase both digitally and physically via Amazon.

Our main aim with the Kickstarter campaign is to gather support from our wonderful community, and to share various Lady Lavender goodies with our amazing fans. Many of you have made incredibly kind offers to show your support financially (thank you for those warm and fuzzies!), but we also understand there are Regency Lovers who are not in a position to contribute funds. As such, we are pricing an ‘ebook and extras bundle’ at AUD$15, but we are also providing additional perks for those who wish to give more. All tiers will have early-bird discounts, and all campaign proceeds will go to Tea For Three Studios to fund our future projects.

The Kickstarter campaign will run from Saturday 12 October to Saturday 7 December. The release date of Lady Lavender is Monday 16 December, which is also Jane Austen’s birthday and Regency Love’s 6-year release anniversary. We’ll be making weekly blog posts in the next three months, and we’ll also be more active on our Facebook, Twitter, and Samantha’s Instagram (for behind-the-scenes updates) – do keep an eye out for those!

We look forward to revisiting the world of Regency Love with you!

With love,
Jenny, Melody, and Samantha

Farewell, 2015; greetings, 2016 (and Lord Sutton)!


This has been quite an extraordinary year for us at Tea For Three Studios, and especially for Regency Love: we’ve somehow managed to double our number of players (thank you to all the awesome folks who’ve helped us spread the word—you know who you are! :D); we released our first in-app purchase in the form of Mr Graham’s story; the Wikia we set up has been filled with information, courtesy of our lovely contributors; some wonderful fans have made a page for us on Wikipedia; our game now has an iPad version; and, most importantly, when Samantha swung by our Sydney headquarters, we made (and feasted on) gentlemen-themed cupcakes.

As a teeny, independent, and transcontinental studio with three ladies, no funding, very little time, and way too many ideas, making the game was certainly a labour of (Regency) love—and we are super duper happy and grateful and touched and warm and fuzzy that you’ve come to love it, too. So, at the risk of yet again sounding like someone stuck practising the same scales on the piano: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Although we have many more Regency Love stories to tell and characters to share with you (here’s a list), our current range of commitments and limitations means we won’t be able to work on expanding the game itself in 2016. That being said, we will continue releasing updates to fix any bugs/typos/other nasties as they’re brought to our attention—we certainly don’t want you to be attacked by evil, misplaced apostrophes!

Additionally, as we announced on Twitter a while back, we are working on a spin-off novel centred on Lord Sutton. Specifically, Samantha is writing it independently (with feedback from Jenny and Melody, of course), which will eliminate the serious bug-zapping and copious artwork required in a highly interactive and visual novel such as Regency Love, but will still allow you to experience more of the stories and characters we love so much. We’ll be asking for your support in a crowdfunding campaign in order to release the novel—more details are to come (i.e. when Samantha has completed a solid first draft, and has a better idea of a timeline). The rough release date will be late 2016 or early 2017—since Samantha has a PhD thesis to complete and defend in 2016, we’re afraid we can’t be too specific at the moment.

What we can say is this: there will be oodles and oodles of Lord Sutton. Perhaps even in compromising situations, if you manage to bribe Samantha (a dangerously easy task). If you want to follow the novel’s progress, please feel free to check out Samantha’s blog or Twitter, where she has been known to get rather carried away.

And while you’re at it, please do check out the Interwebsian spaces belonging to Jenny and Melody—there are certainly lots and lots of shinies to discover!

Thank you once again for accompanying us on our Regency Love journey this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have, and we are very much looking forward to sharing some epic Sutton-esque shenanigans with you in 2016!

Yours in tea and Lord Fat Cat aspirations,
Jenny, Melody, and Samantha

Regency Love App Update: iPad, bug fixes, metaphorical fireworks


Remember, remember, the fifth of November:
Darlington townsfolk and plot;
No need to wait,
So grab this update,
And start your next character slot.

While many parts of the British Isles are partaking in Guy Fawkes Day with all sorts of fireworkery today, Darlington remains relatively quiet, since Mrs Norris is most vocally against such tomfoolery. Although we at Tea For Three Studios would be the first to encourage any sort of silliness, we wouldn’t want to disagree openly with Mrs Norris—so we’ve decided to set off some metaphorical fireworks, and hope that with this latest Regency Love update, our sparks will light every corner of your heart!


Note: It may take up to a few hours for the update to be available, depending on Apple and/or your country’s App Store, but we’ve released it on our end!

This update includes the following major features:

  • Various bug fixes;
  • An iPad version with full compatibility and a separate interface;
  • In-game button to report any potential bugs (those pesky things!);
  • Some sneaky polishing of the graphics—and perhaps a surprise or two.

Specifically, we’ve fixed these bugs:

  • Schoolchildren weren’t showing up in the memoirs, but are now visible to keep your inner “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mode happy;
  • Sometimes the database becomes corrupt during the migration between updates. We’ve fixed a few of the bugs, but we’re not always sure what causes it. In case you do encounter a bug we’ve missed, there is a way to start a clean game while keeping your achievements;
  • Players couldn’t progress in the story despite maxing out their stats, which has been fixed.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the bug-fixing by contacting us through all sorts of platforms, including our official reporting post. Since our in-game “Report a Problem” button will be a much easier way for you to help us weed out any bugs, typos, and other nasties in the future, we’ll be closing comments to the post—it’s certainly had a good run!

And before we go, you know what we said earlier about not having fireworks in Darlington? Well, as long as Mrs Norris doesn’t find out…