‘The Christmas Fireplace’ + New Project: RLL!

This holiday season, we are delighted to share with you a special short story, ‘The Christmas Fireplace’, which was written for the 141 incredible supporters of our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign.

Click here to read the short story!

As we mentioned earlier this year, the main reason behind our Lady Lavender campaign was to gather support from our Regency Love community and, by extension, to see how much interest there still was in the Regency Love world. After releasing Mr Graham’s in-app purchase in 2015, our team has been on an indefinite hiatus, uncertain if we would continue to make more games.

We found a solution in Lady Lavender: as a standalone spin-off novel, Lady Lavender was an opportunity for Samantha to explore some of the characters in depth at her own pace (which ended up being four years), while the rest of the team took a break and focused on other areas of our lives. We had every intention to finish telling our Regency Love stories, but we didn’t know when we would have the time to make another full game – or whether there was still interest in the world and its characters.

Ultimately, your enthusiastic and heart-warming response to Lady Lavender made the decision easy for us. And so, without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that our new project is titled:

Regency Love: London

That’s right – we’re returning to the world of Regency Love, and we’re doing it with the latest London styles!

We’ll still be working on this in our ‘spare’ time, so we aren’t able to provide any timelines for now – Regency Love: London might be released in 2021, or 2025, or 2050 (we hope it won’t be that long). But, what we can confirm, is that:

  • Lady Lavender Kickstarter supporters will have early beta-testing access;
  • There will be three main romanceable characters;
  • Lord Sutton is one of them;
  • Mr de Lancie, whom we introduced in Lady Lavender, is another one;
  • We’ll explore several queer characters and stories;
  • The mysterious letter at the start of the story will finally be resolved;
  • Christopher (the MC’s brother) will be featured; and
  • We are seriously stoked about returning to Regency Love!

We will post any updates as they become available. As you may have noticed by now, we work slowly and sporadically, so it might be a while yet before we can share anything tangible from Regency Love: London.

But, as we hope you’ve also discovered, we put a lot of thought, effort, and love into all our works. We are so incredibly grateful for your continued patience, and we will do our very best to create a game worthy of your love and support.

With love, gratitude, and the warmest holiday wishes,
Samantha, on behalf of the team

P.S. If you haven’t yet purchased, read, or reviewed Lady Lavender (especially on Goodreads), we hope you might consider giving it a go. While the MC from Regency Love is only a minor character and mightn’t be whom you expected, we wanted to tell another kind of story about Ellie, Lord Sutton, and their family and friends. The paperback is available at the lowest possible price (we’re not getting any royalties) until 31 December.

P.P.S. For everyone who’s already shared their love for Lady Lavender via Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, email, and so on: thank you. Your support means the world to us. ♥

P.P.P.S. For those who are planning to read Lady Lavender over the holidays: you might want to keep some tissues handy. Sorry-not-sorry.

17 thoughts on “‘The Christmas Fireplace’ + New Project: RLL!

  • Anna

    I am crying! I am so excited for RLL! This is literally a dream come true! You guys will never understand how much I have loved your stories!

  • Dawn Kaye

    Please let us be able to romance Christopher!!!

    • Adia

      …our brother?

      • Hazuki

        I imagine there’s going to be a new heroine for London…

    • Rosie Crossley

      Oh wow!! Our prayers have been answered!! Its been a pleasure to be your backer! I support you 100%

  • Adia

    Wait. WAIT. Regency Love London will allow our *MC* to romance Sutton? But more importantly – we get MORE Regency Love? *SQUEE*
    …I still have to read LL. Why isn’t there more time in the day?

  • Hazuki

    I’m so happy that we’re getting a new game! Especially in this game we’re getting a proper courtship with Lord Sutton!!!!! (;_;) I liked Mr de Lancie in the novel too so I’m excited that we get a chance to know him too.

    I know the reason you said you couldn’t build the original game for android because it was too expensive and you didn’t have enough time but are you planning on making an android build this time? I think it’s a waste to let Regency Love only be for the iOS but if you still are planning to stay there that’s fine since I still have an iphone lol

  • Savannah

    I am so so so excited for you guys!!!! <3 I can’t wait to play RLL!

  • Cassandra Young

    OMG!!! I am so excited, I can’t believe it! I’ll wait as long as you need for everything (please, it’s been six years and I’m still here!) and I’ll be devouring the updates just as hard as I did for Mr. Graham’s update! Oh, ladies, thank you for coming back to it. And I’ll continue supporting you!

    Also, the tissues were an absolute must for me when reading LL, because I absolutely teared up! And without spoiling anything for my fellow RL fans, I will only say this: I feel terribly guilty romancing Graham now. And will with Sutton in the future!

    Much love and eager anticipation,


  • PV

    I literally shrieked reading this, what fantastic news! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replayed the original game over the years (it’s one of my all-time favorites; if it were a book, it’d surely be worn to pieces by now), and I’m so excited to get resolution to some of its hanging threads. To be given even more more romances on top of that (and have one of them be Sutton!!!)? What a marvelous Christmas gift!

    Thank you all so much for your incredible work so far, and for giving us the chance to revisit the world of Regency Love. May you and your loved ones have the best of holiday seasons! 🙂

  • Eriberri

    Oh. My. God. More Regency Love?!!! And more to the point, we get Sutton? WE GET SUTTON?!

    Argh, I’m fangirling so hard right now (and I’m pretty sure I’m way too old to be fangirling at all but Oh My Lord Sutton)! When I read that bit in the post about Sutton being a LI I actually froze, got butterflies, then had to read it again to make sure I wasn’t imagining it (or maybe wishing it onto the page). Look at what you’ve done to me! lol. Once upon a time I was among those who considered Darcy to be the penultimate regency lover, but Sutton destroyed that for me. I’m very aware I may be speaking blasphemy right there but I’d say it again!

    This is seriously the best news I could have imagined and such a fantastic Christmas gift (you weren’t kidding when you said you thought I’d like it). Firstly, to hear you ladies are working more on our beloved Regency Love universe, and all the charming characters (and the beautiful art and music!) you’ll populate this new game with and that I can’t wait to discover… but then to top it all off.. the Sutton Dream will finally be realized! You ladies truly are too good to us! Thank you! ❤️

    I’m yet to get to Lady Lavender myself, but I’ll be tucking into that when I get some time off after the next few days. A good cry will be a nice way to alleviate the residual Christmas stress, and I’m horrid with emotional stuff so it’s sure it’ll be a hit!

    Lastly, I wish all three of you the best of health and happiness over Christmas and the new year. I also hope that you and your loved ones are safe and have been spared any stress from the current bushfires in the state.

    Anyway, looking forward to a 2020 with more Regency Love, and all the joy that tends to come with it!

  • The most AMAZING news to receive on this Christmas Eve!! I’ve said before I’ll be glad to support anything you ladies put out, whether it be games or more books but I can’t lie about how thrilled I am for the opportunity to immerse myself in a game of yours once again. I’m certain I will once again play all the routes (more than once!). I also want to mention my AMPLE excitement for your inclusion of queer characters. Seriously the thought makes my heart so full, as I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten to enjoy rep in a regency romance setting. Time to get back to reading Lady Lav on this Christmas Eve morning (the tissues are always ready!), sending much love and appreciation.

  • Lærke W Thomsen

    I am so, so relieved and happy and ecstatic and so many more words that I can’t think of right now, but all positive! I’m sitting down for Christmas dinner with my family right now, about to exchange gifts, (we exchange gifts Christmas Eve here in Denmark), but I couldn’t not register my absolute joy! This is a truly great gift, and I am so happy and proud to be a part of a community that enabled/convinced you guys to continue working on this!
    Thank you so, so much! I cannot wait to see what’s next!
    (Did I use too many exclamation points? I’m just so fricking excited!!!)

  • Laura


  • Margot

    This is a dream come true!!!! I am screaming for joy!!!!!!! Consider a Patreon– I would definitely support!

  • Eriberri

    Can we get an update on Regency Love: London? I realize COVID probably got in the way, as well as life in general, but I’m really interested to know how things are going nonetheless! Still checking back from time to time. 🙂

    • Maili

      Same! I pop on every now and again to see if anything new has been announced… I hadn’t heard about RLL until today, but I’m hoping we’ll hear some more about it soon! There’s not enough regency content in the world! lol

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