Kickstarter Week 2 + Mini Profile: Ellie

The second week of our Kickstarter campaign has been exciting, with such milestones as reaching 100 pledges and unlocking the phone wallpapers stretch goal! We are so grateful to our wonderful Regency Lovers for their support!

Those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter may have also noticed we opened Lady Lavender‘s secondary romance to speculation. After hearing about some wonderful pairings, we hinted at a non-heteronormative pairing – and we were blown away by the support we’ve received! We also received some queries about queer characters in general, and while we haven’t yet had an opportunity to explore all their stories in full in Regency Love and Lady Lavender, we definitely have both LGBTQIA+ and racially diverse folks in our Regency story world. We can’t promise when we’ll be able to tell their stories fully, but your wonderful support on our Kickstarter is definitely helping bring those stories closer to fruition!

We’re also heading towards unlocking our next two stretch goals:

  • $5,000: Early-bird discount on the physical book from Amazon (until the end of December, 2019)
  • $6,000: Christmas short story for Regency Love

And now, it’s time for Ellie’s mini profile – we hope you’ll enjoy!

Full name: Eleanor Frances Ashcroft

What makes them happy:

  • Sitting in front of the fire with her family
  • Exploring, refining, and improving her art
  • Trying new sweets, cakes, and ices

Virtues: Kindness, diligence, compassion, loyalty

Vices: Anything sweet

Quote from Lady Lavender: ‘I love the symmetry of English cathedrals. I find it all very pleasing. What I love most, however, are the discrepancies. The symmetry is but an illusion; the imperfections are what can tell the living stories of each building – and I find that breath-taking.’

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