Lady Lavender: Campaign Suggestion Box

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Regency Lovers! Your enthusiasm about our last post delighted us immensely – thank you so much for your patience and continued support!

Today, we invite you to provide your input on what sort of backer rewards and stretch goals we should consider for our Kickstarter campaign. We currently plan to include the following:

Backer Rewards/Perks

  • thank you on website
  • ebook (all formats) with extras (floorplans + family trees)
  • signed bookplates (that you can stick into your physical copies)
  • hand-written Regency-style invitation to a ball
  • have tea with us if you’re in Sydney

Stretch Goals

  • early release of first three chapters
  • a critical scene or two from another POV
  • epilogue
  • post-epilogue epilogue (NSFW version)

We are open to suggestions and requests from our wonderful community, so please share them by commenting on this post by 5 October. We can’t promise to fulfil your requests, but we’ll definitely consider any and all suggestions – after all, we want our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign to be for our amazing fans!

We look forward to reading your comments!

12 thoughts on “Lady Lavender: Campaign Suggestion Box

  • I am so incredibly excited! Can’t wait to learn more about Lord Sutton. I will definitely be getting my hands on a hard copy and some goodies. My humble suggestion would be a limited art print or poster of some variety, related to the novel? Even if it’s just the book cover. I’m not sure how feasible it is but I love love collecting art from my favorite creators. But you have my support regardless, in this and future endeavors.

  • Dawn Kaye

    I can’t wait for this!!!! This will be the first time I back something. I suggest maybe a love letter written by Lord Sutton to the backer and a physical family + floor plan

  • Chrisha

    Oooo! I have been waiting for another installment on the Regency Love Universe— and here it is! However my suggestion would be.. probably some nice and cute extras on the physical copies of the book. Like a cute little bookmark or a trinket 🙂 thank you for being open to suggestions! I would love to see the backer reward/perks once the funding starts so that I could save out lol

  • Adia

    I’d like to see some of the rewards to be for the original characters too – like the epilogues and NSFW epilogues for Ashcroft; Curtis and Graham would probably be of interest to players of the game. Actually any content that you are producing for Lady Lavendar/Sutton would probably be appealing to fans if it also was available for the game love interests.
    I’m still a wee bit sad that the main character in the book is not the one from the games… So, (and I know this is a long shot), I’d LOVE to be able to re-name the main character in the book. Even if it was for a special edition or ebook of the novel.

    • Bethany

      Hi new content for regency love would be a great reward maybe a update connecting Lady Lavender to Regency love in the game or new scenes with your LI like your honeymoon or future with children. Or a new LI
      Can’t wait for the Kickstarter

  • Eriberri

    I totally 100% am behind the suggestion Adia made to be able to rename the main character in the ebook (so we can pretend it was our character from the game) – it’s a very easy thing to script as well, so hopefully they’ll consider this option, at the very least, for the ebook. What a great idea!!
    I also agree with any rewards related to the original Regency Love series. Yes please! I try to overcome my withdrawal symptoms for this game by replaying it every now again (probably more then is healthy tbh!). It’s one of the few romance series/stories that actually made me feel butterflies reading it, and that dreamy feeling afterwards. 🙂
    Back to the subject of backer rewards, a bookmark with physical copies of the book would be a lovely reward too.
    How about a unique wax seal and wax tarts for one of the slightly higher backer rewards?
    And btw, I’m still holding out hope that we get more Regency Love content in future. It’s honestly too good to give up~

    • Eriberri

      Oh, and another reward idea is a unique ‘lavender’ tea blend? Seems appropriate. 🙂

      • Adia

        Oh, I love the tea blend idea 😀

  • Rosie

    My suggestion would be for the book to be at a discounted price when it is released ( like the early bird offer) other than that, I can`t wait for it to be released!

  • Kate

    One of my favourite things from your series had to be the music. That moment on Rowan’s Edge when the music is slow and melodic- I could listen to that for hours. If you could release the music from Regency Love digitally and maybe have a new song for key moments/atmosphere of Lady Lavender as a perk.

    Based on when your work is coming out, a stretch goal could be a silly little Christmas one off in either London or the town of Darlington. We the readers never really got to experience holidays or winter in the world, so even just the Lampton School students singing carols would please me.

  • Maria

    I would love to see Sutton’s POV & the heroine’s POV. Moreover, I love the artwork from the game of Graham, Ashcroft, and etc that the player collects. It would be great in the finished work to have colored scenes of Sutton with the heroine, too. For the first 100 copies you could have all three of the your names signed. That would be nice!

    I also enjoy the Regency Love Music CD idea. I hope with the interest in Regency Love that once Lady Lavender is finished and launched, an expansion of Regency Love roleplaying is updated with Sutton. Please don’t give up on that gaming platform!

  • Nadja

    So so so excited! I really can’t wait to get my hands on Lady Lavender!

    There’s already a lot of good ideas said, I highly would enjoy the music as a digital download, also a new LI for the future (maybe even a female LI… how scandalous) of RegencyLove would be amazing.

    I hope all of the team are having a good time and feel the love we all have for your work. For me, it’s something I enjoy and get myself into when I feel like everything is to much. So again, thank you for the amazing work.

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