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Hello hello, lovely folks, it’s sure been a while! While Jenny and Melody are heading into an Australian “autumn” (which is hotter than your typical British “summer” day), I’m currently in the chilly and utterly amazing coastal city of Helsingør in Denmark, known in English as Elsinore. The name sound familiar? If so, you might’ve encountered it before in the form of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which features a castle based on the real-life Kronborg. Yup, that’s where I’ve been spending the last few days as part of a Shakespeare conference–and yup, it has been geeky and awesome beyond words.

The super awesome castle.

The super awesome castle.

In fact, today (23 April) marks the 400th death anniversary of the Bard, and forms the epicentre of a year-long celebration, with all sorts of amazing events held all over the world. On this monumental day, I’m thrilled to announce our next project: a Shakespearean game for iOS (and possibly Android) entitled Shax.

As you the title suggests, this is a very playful–and sometimes irreverent–game, and aims to be funfunfun rather than “educational”. While it is also rather different from Regency Love in many ways, Mel and I have gone back to some of our earlier Regency Love-inspired design concepts, and are having a blast making this game. We hope you’ll consider giving Shax a go when it is released (we don’t have a confirmed date yet, but are looking at roughly 2016/2017)–writing this game has been so much fun, and I hope you’ll get to enjoy it, too!

I caught the sunrise this morning on Shakespeare's 400th deathiversary--and then these swans appeared!

I caught the sunrise this morning on Shakespeare’s 400th deathiversary–and then these swans appeared!

On a final note, for those who are wondering: yes, the Lord Sutton novel is being written, slowly and surely–just like how his affection for a certain lady grows.

9 thoughts on “New Project Announcement: Shax

  • Taye

    So excited for this! Is Shax going to be an otome/vn like Regency Love, or a different genre altogether?

    • Samantha

      Thanks, Taye, we’re pretty excited, too! It’ll be a different genre, though I’m not sure exactly what–‘cracktastic interactive novel of epic lulz’, perhaps? XD

  • Peyton Cooper

    I check the blog almost everyday to see if there is a new post and this just made my day! I will totally give Shax a try! I’m also super happy to hear that the Lord Sutton novel is still coming along. I wish only the best for all of you!

  • Ebba

    I’m so excited to hear about Lord Sutton! And your new project sounds really interesting as well! I really admire how much thought and effort you guys put into these things, I enjoy regency love so much.

  • Snikey

    Please make a game around lord sutton

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  • Jennifer

    It’s 2017! Any updates?

    We’re all eager for more Regency Love updates– and for Shax!


  • Eriberri

    I noticed that this blog hjasn’t had an update in a long time. Is everything still in the works? I’ve been haning out for that Lord Sutton novel and REALLY hoping there will be more content for Regency Love? I just replayed each of the romance storylines, now for the seventh time. I always seem to return to this one (and lament that cruel cruel Sutton ending!). Shax also sounds pretty interesting – will it have cute little romances in it too?
    Anyway, please let us know how things are coming along – I’m sure I’m not the only on who had been checking back for news from time to time. 🙂

  • AFletch

    Checking in for 2018! Regency Love has kept me company this last year or so through some difficult times. Thank you for such a lovely and enjoyable game!

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