A Terrible, Awful Bug in Our New Build!

To our dear Regency Love players.

You have been the most lovely, supportive and patient of users and we are trying our best to meet your expectations.

We been working crazy hrs to try and get this game out to you by May 1st. But unfortunately, we aren’t super human and since uploading the build, we have found a pretty major bug that could ruin the experience for quite a lot of players. That is the last thing we want T___T and so we’ve decided to postpone, fix the bug and re-upload the build.

We really want to make sure it’s a great experience. So we hope you’ll forgive this delay. The bug itself is not too difficult to fix, but the queue for getting through apple reviews might take more than a week!

Many apologies, and thank you for your continued patience.

We will return shortly!

Much love, 

Melody — exhausted developer, ninja-ing social media before Samantha can lecture me on grammar


10 thoughts on “A Terrible, Awful Bug in Our New Build!

  • Yeager

    Totally supportive – can’t wait to play, but can wait for a fix. 🙂

  • Sarah

    No worries! When the update does come out, what’s the price range for those who already have the app?

    • Melody

      Mr Graham’s romance will include quite a lot of new content and the full story arc will be available at the same price as the original game. On top of that, for those who already have the app, we’ve also added some new free side plots 🙂

  • Aurum

    Thanks for working so hard on this, and for keeping us all updated. I bet you all are going to have a big celebration when it finally gets released huh.

  • Harmony

    Thank you for this wonderful game! This is a random question and I didn’t know where to ask it, so I picked the most recent blog post: I was wondering since there (not that I know of?) hasn’t been any illustrations of the Heroine, what you imagined her to look like? I know in romance games the Heroine isn’t usually pictured so the reader can imagine however they want her to look like, but I was just wondering how you pictured her. Thanks and can’t wait for the update!

    • Melody

      I think the three of us all pictured her slightly differently. For me the image that came to mind was usually a dark haired, bright eyed heroine with a bit of a cheeky smile. Next to Mary the two would make a striking pair 🙂

    • Jenny

      Hello! you are correct in that we tried very hard to not show any of the “reader”, which can be quite frustrating when you just want to draw a good dancing cutscene! I agree with Mel that we all have our own person interpretations of her, mine was also a dark brunette, doe eyed with a glowing charm. I think you can catch remnants of a “Jane Doe” flowing through (i.e the icon and her mother). All up for personal interpretation of course!

  • Kitty

    Hi There,
    I’m just wondering if the game will be released on Sunday this week?

    Kind regards


  • Kateland

    So impressed with your work so far! I should have written a review forever ago, haha. Keep up the good work. 🙂 Thanks for bringing something so unique to the department. I’m a sucker for good writing with a unique setting, and this fits the bill! Hope the bug isn’t causing too much of a headache :/ Best.

  • Melody

    Thanks so much for all your patience and support! We’re still waiting in line for Apple to give us the okay, so it’s a bit out of our control at this point. Fingers crossed that we’ll get there soon.

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