Tuesday Teasers: Mr Mortimer’s Haberdashery

So, where should one go to obtain the necessary lace and ribbons to complete our Regency attire? Why, Mr Mortimer’s haberdashery, of course!

Ribbons, fabric, and sketches--perhaps some of Mr Mortimer's latest commissions?

Ribbons, fabric, and sketches–perhaps some of Mr Mortimer’s latest commissions?

You’ll have a chance to visit Mr Mortimer’s haberdashery near the beginning of Regency Love, when you go shopping with your best friend to complete your outfit for the upcoming Spring Ball. Who knows, you might unexpectedly make some new acquaintances…

And, as with all our projects, Jenny brings you the artwork, Melody does her programming magic, and Samantha slabs you with text–Tea For Three, indeed!

Sunday Soiree: Regency-styled!

For the month of June, our blog posts will be themed around Regency clothing. Quite befitting, considering our current projects are rather Regency-heavy—in fact, we’ll be releasing the Costume Theatre dress-up app later this month (provided all goes smoothly at the App Store)!

In fact, to celebrate Regency attire, our first Sunday Soiree provides a sneak peak of how the Costume Theatre app could be used. And while we’re at it, we might as well introduce ourselves, too.

Jenny: The girl who drinks Chai. Nothing’s more fantastic than doing sketches with a cup of tea and a macaron on the side. Nothing more depressing than spilling said tea on sketches. Note to self: put tea further away from sketches.


Melody: Not so proper. Mel shoots a teacup while sporting a muslin gown with a cravat and top hat.


Samantha: Likes to pretend she’s a man of letters. Cravats, waistcoats, top hats—bring it on! And bring a notebook and quill, too.


We’d love to know what you think about our particular self-renditions!