Lady Lavender: Sydney Book Launch

A week ago, we hosted a book launch party for Lady Lavender in Sydney. We had a delicious Lady Lavender-inspired cake, promo codes to give away, book signings, and a speech and reading. Here are some photos from the event:

Lady Lavender Sydney 1
Lady Lavender Sydney 2
So many purple flowers!
Lady Lavender Sydney 3
Getting lovely purple flowers!
Lady Lavender Sydney 4
Lady Lavender cake! This was chai, vanilla, and dairy-free! <3
Lady Lavender Sydney 5
Cake-cutting! <3
Lady Lavender Sydney 6
Lady Lavender Sydney 7
Samantha’s speech (and reading).

While most of the attendees were our family and friends, we were delighted to meet one Sydney-based Regency Love fan, ‘Dissipatience’, who also happens to be the amazing lady who populated our Regency Love Wikia!

Lady Lavender Sydney 8

Finally, here’s a portion of Samantha’s speech:

We hope you’ve enjoyed these photos – and, more importantly, that you’ve enjoyed Lady Lavender! If you haven’t left a review/rating on our Goodreads page yet, it’ll mean a lot to us if you could tap a few buttons and say a few things!

As always, thank you for your support! <3

A shoutout to our two wonderful vendors:

Annie and Mary from 160 Celsius made our delicious bespoke cake (as well as our previous Lady Lavender cake). They’re based in Sydney, Australia, and use local ingredients in their goodies. They’re also excellent with catering to dietary requirements (our cake was dairy-free)!

Sarah from Adorkabows made Samantha’s gorgeous Lady Lavender bow (and we might collaborate on more Regency Love-themed bows in the future). She’s based in MA, USA, but she ships internationally. You can find her on:

We love supporting our fellow indie artists and creators! <3