Costume Theatre- Tips and Tricks!

Hello sexy readers!

Samantha is wrapping up her talk at the Pride and Prejudice conference at the University of Cambridge (which we’re eager to be updated on : )!)

Hence I will be hijacking todays Tuesday Teaser with 6 tips and tricks for our latest app “Costume Theatre!”


So sit back.



Tip number 1!

Stack up accessories!


You can layer up your accessories, like headbands and pearls. Be totally creative about it! You don’t need to use a headband just once and who’s to say that’s a necklace and not a bracelet?

Tip numero Duo

Layer up accessories and MIX UP eras (We’re being really rebellious here!)
The possibilities are endless!


Why have 1 feather when you can have 3 or 5? And why should only regency ladies get to drink tea?

Tip 3

Have fun posing before-hand! Get into fun positions with friends! (That didn’t sound as bad in my head) Role-play scenes from Pride and Prejudice.


“May I have the next dance, Miss Elizabeth?”


“You may.”

Tip 4

For easy hair, tie yours up before-hand and keep in mind the direction you are facing as different hairs work in different angles.



Tip 5

Animals are adorable! They’re also perfect victims for decoration. Top hats and moustaches look fantastic on these critters.


Hours of endless entertainment.

Tip 6

This is also a great, alternative and fun way to send out invitations to high tea or even just a thank you for coming to an awesome hens night.


So that’s it from me! Do you have suggestions, or some neat tips and tricks that I’ve missed out on? Or would you like to show off your costume theatre get up? Send in your suggestions or pictures! I’m lonely!

Many Thanks to my dear model Erica for providing some lovely photos : )

Sunday Soiree: The Pros and Cons of Regency Attire

How is everyone enjoying Costume Theatre? (Haven’t got a copy yet? Get yours now, free from the App Store.)

After spending so much time working with Regency clothing (where, naturally, “work” entails watching BBC period dramas), Samantha started thinking about the pros and cons of wearing such attire. So she gave us these two questions to answer:

  • What do you find most appealing about Regency fashion?
  • What might deter you from Regency clothing?

And here are our responses, in words, images, and a combination of both!




What do you find most appealing about Regency fashion? 

I coo over the men’s dress: The sporty riding look with tousled windblown hair.

What might deter you from Regency clothing?

Mixed feelings on muslin. Draped lightly over a natural figure, a muslin dress sounds both elegant and comfortable but all those layers of delicate white gauze must be a pain to clean! Being hopelessly accident prone, any muslin gown of mine would not likely survive its first tea sitting.



What do you find most appealing about Regency fashion? 

Cravats. The very idea of delicate fingers running over an immaculately tied neckband, playing with the knot before loosening the fabric to reveal, little by little, the soft skin beneath, the pulse that quickens, the heat of a gentleman’s breath upon a lady’s fingers…is an appealing notion, indeed.

What might deter you from Regency clothing?

As much as I love the look and feel of gloves, navigating the world while wearing them would be a real bother: I’d get them extremely dirty, but be forever fumbling with them during meals and while playing the piano. Of course, the act of removing gloves—before one begins to work on cravats—is another matter entirely…

And what do you think? What exactly do you like/dislike about the Regency wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

Release: Costume Theatre

We are excited and proud to announce the release of our first app in the App Store: Costume Theatre!

Costume Theatre Main Screen

Grab your copy now, available free on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, and have fun dressing everyone and everything up in Regency garb! For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, you can also purchase the additional Roaring Twenties content pack, complete with flappers, feathers, and some epic moustaches (not to mention, some bonus Regency clothing)!


Of course, we’d love to see what you come up with. Simply tweet us (@TeaForThreeTime) your transformations or post them on our Costume Theatre Facebook page. We’re also working on adding features for future releases, including extra content packs and sharing functions. We’ve also got some fun Costume Theatre events planned for the future, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, if you have any additional feedback or comments, please let us know—we’d love to hear from you!

And I think the team deserves a little celebration, though we’re currently spread out all over the world: Jenny is drawing a lot in Sydney, Melody is wining and dining her way across Europe, and Samantha is singing some light-hearted Schubert in Belfast.

Giveaway: Postcards from Jane Austen’s House Museum

To celebrate the upcoming release of Costume Theatre on 15 June, as well as our upcoming event at the Pride and Prejudice Festival at Lucy Cavendish, Cambridge, we’re hosting our first giveaway: postcards from Jane Austen’s House Museum!

Simply fill out the following form to enter! Entries close on 19 June, and winners will be contacted within a few hours.

(Alas, we can’t show you any pictures of the postcards, as Samantha will be picking them up when she visits Jane Austen’s House Museum on 23 June. She’ll be sure to tweet photos when she gets them, though!)

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