Lady Lavender: Campaign Suggestion Box

Tea For Three Studios

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Regency Lovers! Your enthusiasm about our last post delighted us immensely – thank you so much for your patience and continued support!

Today, we invite you to provide your input on what sort of backer rewards and stretch goals we should consider for our Kickstarter campaign. We currently plan to include the following:

Backer Rewards/Perks

  • thank you on website
  • ebook (all formats) with extras (floorplans + family trees)
  • signed bookplates (that you can stick into your physical copies)
  • hand-written Regency-style invitation to a ball
  • have tea with us if you’re in Sydney

Stretch Goals

  • early release of first three chapters
  • a critical scene or two from another POV
  • epilogue
  • post-epilogue epilogue (NSFW version)

We are open to suggestions and requests from our wonderful community, so please share them by commenting on this post by 5 October. We can’t promise to fulfil your requests, but we’ll definitely consider any and all suggestions – after all, we want our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign to be for our amazing fans!

We look forward to reading your comments!

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