1. Lady Lavender: Kickstarter Launch!

    Lady Lavender: Kickstarter Launch! It’s finally the 12th of October (in Sydney) – our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign is here! If you have enjoyed Regency Love, we would very much appreciate your love and support! Please also help us share the word about both the spin-off novel and the original Regency Love game. All your love and support will help us with our next project – and we know you will love what we’re working on now! With love,Jenny, Melody, and Samantha Share on : FacebookTwitterGoogle+Linked in  

  2. Lady Lavender: Campaign Suggestion Box

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, Regency Lovers! Your enthusiasm about our last post delighted us immensely – thank you so much for your patience and continued support! Today, we invite you to provide your input on what sort of backer rewards and stretch goals we should consider for our Kickstarter campaign. We currently plan to include the following: Backer Rewards/Perks thank you on website ebook (all formats) with extras (floorplans + family trees) signed bookplates (that you can stick into your physical copies) hand-written Regency-style invitation to a ball have tea with us if you’re in Sydney Stretch Goals early release of first […]

  3. Newsletter #1: Regency Love Launch Day!

    Dearest Subscribers: Welcome to the first newsletter from Tea For Three Studios! We hope you’ve been doing well over the last few months, and are keeping nice and warm in the wintery season (or keeping cool and hydrated, if you’re from the Southern hemisphere). A lot has been going on in the virtual office of Tea For Three Studios, but instead of inundating you with copious emails about all the tiny steps of progress, we thought we’d save the chunky stuff for you. And so, without further ado, I’d like to announce that, on this special occasion of Jane Austen’s […]