Tuesday Teasers: Concept Art

Hello, Jens here!

This is part 2 of the Concept art Tuesday teasers.

Below is a small sample of the artwork we’ve accumulated along the years, either through scribbling ideas or just seeing what things can potentially evolve and develop into.
As with most concept art, a lot can get thrown away if they don’t suit the story or just simply don’t work. Alternatively they can be shelved for a later date or spur on other ideas, all part of the fun journey called development. : )


More to come next week! If you have any questions to ask about the visual development side of things, please don’t hesitate to comment.


Tuesday Teasers: Concept Art

As part of the coming update, we wanted to present you with some refreshing new places to explore. We spent quite a bit of time creating a collection of new settings to rouse the imagination and help transport you back into the Regency world.

Here’s a little sneak peek into some of our concepts:

Scratches1 Scratches2The public ballroom

Tonal1 Tonal2 Tonal3

Do any of them strike your fancy? If you have any feedback, please leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, a gentle reminder that the character profile poll is closing tomorrow, so please vote you haven’t already.


Tuesday Teasers: A Trailer!

I’m slipping this one in earlier than usual, because a) I’m so uber excited about the super amazing shininess to follow, and b) it’s Tuesday in Australia, and we’re technically a Sydney-based team (even if one of us is decidedly not on her way to enjoying a summery Christmas). Yes, let’s go with the latter…

With one week till the release date (and Jane Austen’s birthday–hey, they’re both on the same day!), we’re practically bouncing off the walls with sleep-deprived excitement and teaser trailers. So here’s a bit of both!*

This amazingness was created by Jenny, with the game-play section captured (and coded) by Melody. Mr Jeremy Sawruk has been kind enough to allow us to use his original compositions as the soundtrack–many thanks! And, as always, Samantha contributes by spamming (hence her nickname McSpammy–but don’t use that to address her, else she’d respond with unnatural excitement).

If you liked the trailer, please let us know by commenting/tweeting/”liking”/fangirling/fanboying/faneverythinging! And please help us spread the word by sharing the trailer with anyone who might be interested: your friends, your fannish communities, your Jane Austen teachers at school, your Austen-reading family members, your Austen-reading cats, your Austen-impersonators (you can tell them this game is inspired by them), your Colin Firth cut-outs, and so on!

And if you haven’t yet entered our Regency Love giveaway of three free game copies, don’t miss out and do so now!

* Okay, so you only get the trailer. But really, there is no cure for sleep-deprived excitement–it’s a self-perpetuating disease. Be grateful you’ve been spared!