Kickstarter Preview Chapters Released + Mini Profile: Graham

In the third week of our Kickstarter, we unlocked the early-bird discount for Lady Lavender when it’s released by Amazon on 16 December – how amazing! We don’t know what the exact price will be, but to show our appreciation for the overwhelming love and support from you, we will price it as low as possible until the end of December!

We have also released the exclusive preview of Lady Lavender‘s first three chapters, available to backers only. We’ve received some encouraging feedback so far – thank you so much! You should have received an email earlier if you’ve backed this project. You can also access the page here.

This past week, we’ve polished off parts of the novel manuscript, selected some typography, and played around with floor plans some more. Melody has undertaken the challenging task of drawing a central piece of architecture featured in Lady Lavender – and specifically, in Lord Sutton’s home – and the drafts are looking as intricate and grand as we’d hoped!

And now for our next mini profile: Lieutenant Graham (formerly known as Mr Graham, but who has since enlisted permanently)!

Name: James Graham

What makes them happy: 

  1. Being outside
  2. Large gatherings where he can interact with old friends and make new ones
  3. Feasts!

Virtues: Friendliness, enthusiasm, industry, charisma

Vices: Drink; occasional stubbornness and intolerance

Quote from Lady Lavender: ‘Aubrey, you look like a dirty, wet dog!’

Kickstarter Week 2 + Mini Profile: Ellie

The second week of our Kickstarter campaign has been exciting, with such milestones as reaching 100 pledges and unlocking the phone wallpapers stretch goal! We are so grateful to our wonderful Regency Lovers for their support!

Those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter may have also noticed we opened Lady Lavender‘s secondary romance to speculation. After hearing about some wonderful pairings, we hinted at a non-heteronormative pairing – and we were blown away by the support we’ve received! We also received some queries about queer characters in general, and while we haven’t yet had an opportunity to explore all their stories in full in Regency Love and Lady Lavender, we definitely have both LGBTQIA+ and racially diverse folks in our Regency story world. We can’t promise when we’ll be able to tell their stories fully, but your wonderful support on our Kickstarter is definitely helping bring those stories closer to fruition!

We’re also heading towards unlocking our next two stretch goals:

  • $5,000: Early-bird discount on the physical book from Amazon (until the end of December, 2019)
  • $6,000: Christmas short story for Regency Love

And now, it’s time for Ellie’s mini profile – we hope you’ll enjoy!

Full name: Eleanor Frances Ashcroft

What makes them happy:

  • Sitting in front of the fire with her family
  • Exploring, refining, and improving her art
  • Trying new sweets, cakes, and ices

Virtues: Kindness, diligence, compassion, loyalty

Vices: Anything sweet

Quote from Lady Lavender: ‘I love the symmetry of English cathedrals. I find it all very pleasing. What I love most, however, are the discrepancies. The symmetry is but an illusion; the imperfections are what can tell the living stories of each building – and I find that breath-taking.’

Kickstarter Update + Mini Profile: Lord Sutton

What an incredible week it’s been! When we launched our Lady Lavender Kickstarter last week, we didn’t expect to reach our AU$2,000 goal in 13 hours! In the first week of our campaign, we have received AU$3,893 in pledges from 89 backers – we are so grateful for the support from Regency Lovers! <3

As such, we are pleased to announce we have reached our first two stretch goals:

  • $2,500: Early release of Lady Lavender‘s first three chapters
  • $3,000: Floor plan and family tree in physical book copy

We will email our Kickstarter backers with the novel’s first three chapters on Sunday 3 November – over a month before the novel’s release date!

It would be incredible if we could reach our next three stretch goals:

  • $4,000: Phone wallpapers
  • $5,000: Early-bird discount on the physical book from Amazon (until the end of December, 2019)
  • $6,000: Christmas short story for Regency Love 

We have 51 days left on our campaign, which means there’s plenty of time to spread the word about Regency Love and Lady Lavender. Please contact us if you know anyone who might like to feature either our game or spin-off novel – we are a tiny group with a tinier marketing person, and we would love your help in sharing the news about our projects!

Now for our next series of planned blog posts: mini profiles of Lady Lavender‘s characters! We’ll be posting these weekly on Sundays (along with any Kickstarter updates) – we hope you’ll enjoy them!

Full name (and title): Aubrey Charles Beaumont, 7th Viscount Sutton, 11th Baron Beaumont

What makes them happy:

  1. Sitting in front of the fire in the fine company of James Graham
  2. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
  3. Acknowledgement and praise!

Virtues: Loyalty, passion, acuity 

Vices: Pride, irritability, spontaneity, impatience

Quote from Lady Lavender: ‘I don’t know how you manage to complete even a quarter of your exercises under such conditions – I hereby opine that one should only be required to dirty one’s hands when the climes have struck the perfect balance between rotten and radiant.’

Lady Lavender: Kickstarter Launch!

It’s finally the 12th of October (in Sydney) – our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign is here!

If you have enjoyed Regency Love, we would very much appreciate your love and support!

Please also help us share the word about both the spin-off novel and the original Regency Love game. All your love and support will help us with our next project – and we know you will love what we’re working on now!

With love,
Jenny, Melody, and Samantha