A letter of apology and an amended release date

Dearest Regency Lovers:

My name is Samantha, and I am the writer for Tea For Three Studios and Regency Love. I have interacted with some of you lovelies on a range of online media, and I, like the rest of the team, am very grateful for and humbled by your continued enthusiasm, support, and patience.

And it is with deep regret and apologies that I must entreat your patience for a little longer. As some of you may know, my two wonderful co-conspirators and I have been working on Regency Love in a part-time capacity, in addition to our various full-time jobs. My main commitment is to my funded PhD candidacy in Shakespeare studies, which I have been working on alongside Regency Love for the past two-ish years. Doing the PhD comes with a set of various deadlines and academic events which my co-conspirators and I consider when scheduling our work for Regency Love. When we decided on the 14 March release date last year, it was under the assumption that our work situations would remain unchanged—and of course, as with every deadline, we’d given ourselves a bit of a buffer in case life didn’t go entirely as planned (as it is wont to do).

Unfortunately, something propped up a few days ago that will require a lot more buffer than that for which we’d accounted. I received a last-minute offer to teach on a Renaissance course at my university, commencing next week. This will be quite a time commitment for the next four months, and is in addition to the PhD (time- and brain-consuming as it is) and my singing in a cathedral choir (ah, those long-lost Sundays). All three activities pay for my rent (and food!), and I simply cannot find the time to work on Regency Love nearly as much as I’d need in order to make the 14 March release.

After discussing this with Jenny and Melody, we have decided to push the release date to 1 May. I know this might come as a disappointment, and for that, I deeply apologise. But I also want to assure you that we do indeed have quite a bit of content in the works. On my part, most of the conversations have been written, and are currently being edited before they are ‘parsed’ so they can be put into the game, and then checked for any errors or typos. According to my trusty spreadsheet, I have written 83 conversations related to this new character, and 26 have been edited and parsed. Additional things I have to do/write include epilogues, several conversations for consistency, and editing/parsing new material for the side characters. I don’t want to bore you with any more details, but the general gist is this: the bulk of the content-y work has been done, but they need to be finessed and processed. And such things take time, which is currently rather lacking on my end.

(On a brighter note, Jenny and Melody are on schedule and have done some amazing work. Jenny’s new art is rather drool-worthy, and Melody’s been drawing some beautiful backgrounds as well as doing her super amazing code-wrangling and putting everything together.)

Thank you ever so much for being such wonderful Regency Lovers. I apologise again for having to push back the date, but 1 May isn’t too much further away. Besides, I can promise you there’s a Mr ______ waiting for you, as well as pre-release shinies available from 1 April (which will include unveiling the identity of said Mr ______). In the meantime, if you’d like any suggestions for Renaissance reading (or anything pre-20th-century), you know where to find me, remaining humbly and faithfully yours,


Release Date Announcement


A year after the release of Regency Love, we’re still very grateful for and humbled by your patience and support. Thank you for being such lovely gentlewomen and gentlemen!

But the wait is almost over—we’re extremely pleased (and inordinately excited!) to announce another release date, which will contain an update that will include the following goodies:

  • A new bachelor;
  • The complete story for the bickering couple (don’t remember them? Well, you’ll certainly be encountering Miss Ingram and Mr Winslow again!);
  • New conversations with various characters;
  • New trivia and hangman questions

All this will be available on 14 March 2015!

The new bachelor story will be available as an in-app purchase, while the other content will be included in a free update. We will be making several more posts and announcements as the release date approaches, including some teasers and hints about this mysterious new gentleman, so please stay tuned for those!

We still have many, many more ideas for Regency Love (including several new characters and locations), and require your help to make them real (or digital, as the case may be). So if you’ve enjoyed our game, please continue to support us by spreading the word and gently persuading your friends and family to check it out. Perhaps you could even give the gift of Regency Love this festive season—mulled wine, mince pies, and the company of Darlington’s inhabitants make quite a lovely combination.* We’d also love to know what you think about the game, so do please leave a post on our Facebook page or send us a tweet using the #RegencyLove hashtag.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you happiness, health, and lots of good tea for 2015!

* Feel free to replace with ice-cream at the beach, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Our writer, though she grew up in Sydney, has clearly spent far too much time in the UK.

Regency Love Plans: 2014 and Beyond

It’s been almost six months since we released Regency Love, and to be completely honest, we have been absolutely floored by its reception and the feedback we’ve been continually receiving. For Jenny, Melody, and myself, it is incredibly humbling and heartening that so many of you have found such delight in a game we decided to make three years ago, a project we decided to take on due to our love and passion for story-telling.

When we released Regency Love last December, our main aim was simply to share with the world the little bit of Darlington and its people that we’d shaped and come to love. At that time, we had a few tentative plans on expanding Regency Love, but nothing was set in stone—and, to be honest, we hadn’t really expected so many people to enjoy our game so much and to ask for more.

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Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! Let’s celebrate with some Regency Love!

238 years ago, Miss Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire. Over two centuries later, the world is still very much in love with her portrayals of Regency society, gender roles, family, love, marriage, and a whole bunch of other themes I’ll leave for Google and Wikipedia to fill in. Austen has made such an impact not only in literature, but also in shaping our understanding of Regency culture—in fact, for many people, the term “Regency” automatically conjures images of Mr Darcy rather than the Prince Regent (later King George IV) after which the era was named.


2.5 years ago, three girls gathered in an apartment in Sydney (which was coincidentally named “Regency”) and, inspired by Jane Austen, decided to make a Regency role-playing game that also functions as an interactive novel. At the time, we were (re-)playing Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, and thought, “Hey, why not replace the darkspawns with chickens and Alistair/Zevran/Fenris/Anders with versions of Mr Darcy/Mr Knightley/Colonel Brandon/Captain Wentworth?”

Regency Love: First meetings

The “minutes” of our first few meetings, way back in April 2011.

And so we did. (Minus the chickens—but we’ve replaced them with a certain Lord Fat Cat, instead.) Granted, it took our team more than 2.5 years, with one lady going to design school and focusing on getting super awesome marks, another lady making the transition from tutoring computing science at university to full-time programming and then to enrolling for art school, and the last lady leaving Australia (as early as September 2011) to do an MA and then a PhD. Thank goodness for Skype, Dropbox, and WhatsApp.

And now, you can finally experience Regency Love yourself on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad:


If you’re not entirely sure if this is your cup of tea, here are three independent reviews that may help you decide: The Bennet Sisters, Confessions of a gamer girl, and Outside Windows (Contains minor spoilers.)

We hope you’ll enjoy our Regency creation, and would absolutely love to know what you think. We have so many ideas on how to expand the game and its stories, and, with your support, we hope to carry them out someday.

But today, let’s celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday, and spread the Regency Love!

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr—use the hashtag #RegencyLove to join the conversation!

P.S. Congratulations to the winners of our giveaway: Tristan, Kelcy, and Costy. Thank you all for participating, and stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!