Wikia, plans, and other shinies


It’s been two months since we released Regency Love 2.0, complete with Mr Graham’s story, and we’ve been so pleased with all the feedback we’ve received. We have read and delighted in your comments and emails, and want to thank you for being so super supportive and awesome—especially with regards to a new character. 😉 We’re particularly grateful towards everyone who has helped spread the word, or who has decided to make a donation with the in-app patron letters—every little bit helps!

We also finally got around to creating an online space for all you lovelies to share your thoughts and tips with one another, to which everyone can contribute. And so, we’re happy to present the Regency Love Wikia—please do check it out, and add anything you’d like to it. We’ll occasionally visit the pages to do a bit of house-keeping and to answer any questions to some of the more difficult things (such as how to obtain certain achievements), but for the most part, the Wikia is in your hands. We hope you’ll have lots of fun!

Additionally, we wanted to update you on our current progress and plans for Regency Love:

  • We have received your bug and typo reports, and Melody is working on fixing them. Some bugs can be super sneaky, so they might take some time to hunt down.
  • We are working on an iPad version, which will contain a new User Interface to maximise the screen space and make reading the text more comfortable.
  • There is a related project in the works: something a little different,  which we hope you’ll enjoy. More will be revealed in the next few weeks, when a few things are finalised.

And finally, I’m giving a presentation about Regency Love at this year’s BSECS postgraduate conference. I’ll be filming the presentation so I can post it afterwards—there’ll be lots of behind-the-scenes and methodological shinies for those who are interested in some additional geekery.

As always, thank you so much for your wonderful support. Until next time!

Regency Love 2.0 is here!


Our lovely ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your patience over the last few weeks (and months)! We are excessively thrilled to present the long-awaited update for Regency Love, available now for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad! (To play on the iPad, you must first download it as an “iPhone only” app, and then enlarge it on your screen.)


Here’s a list of all the new features in this update:

  • A complete story arc for the charming and good-natured Mr Graham, available as an in-app purchase (accessible via the “shop” button on the home screen);
  • New stories for the townspeople;
  • Slight tweaks in Mr Ashcroft’s story arc to make a happy ending more easily obtainable;
  • A list of 40+ achievements to help you explore the different branches in the story—including a few Easter eggs;
  • The ability to support Tea For Three Studios in a “Pay What You Want” fashion, through supporting and patronising various in-game characters.

Although we have worked hard and done our best to deliver a flawless game, due to the limitations of time and resources, there are bound to be a few typos, bugs, or other errors. If you come across any of these, we ask you to report it on this post, and to be patient with us as we go about a fix.

We would also love to know what you think about our game, so please either leave your thoughts on the Regency Love Facebook page, or tweet about it with the hashtag #RegencyLove (and feel free to mention @TeaForThreeTime if space allows). If you’re particularly keen on Mr Graham, then do feel free to use #GrahamMayhem as well.

And now, we have a final set of goodies for you: super shiny Regency Love bookmarks to print at your leisure! We have bookmarks for Mr Ashcroft, Mr Curtis, Mr Graham, and Lord Fat Cat, and you can get them in singles or sets of fours (for easier printing), and in either colour or black and white. Click on the (massive) thumbnail to download the ZIP with all the goodies:


You would also have our heartfelt gratitude if you would share them with anyone you know—or don’t know—by leaving these in libraries, cafes, bookshops, classrooms, or anywhere else that takes your fancy. By doing so, you’ll be helping us expand our wonderful community, and thereby enabling us to create more content in the future. We would love it if you could take photos of the bookmarks you’ve left, and use the hashtag #RegencyLoving on Twitter or Instagram (and, for your reference, Samantha will be lurking on the latter as @lovelies8).

But that’s enough from me for now—I’ll let Regency Love do the rest of the talking! We hope you’ll enjoy!

P.S. Congratulations to the winners of our giveaway: Audie, Nina, and Sydney. Thank you all for participating!

A Terrible, Awful Bug in Our New Build!

To our dear Regency Love players.

You have been the most lovely, supportive and patient of users and we are trying our best to meet your expectations.

We been working crazy hrs to try and get this game out to you by May 1st. But unfortunately, we aren’t super human and since uploading the build, we have found a pretty major bug that could ruin the experience for quite a lot of players. That is the last thing we want T___T and so we’ve decided to postpone, fix the bug and re-upload the build.

We really want to make sure it’s a great experience. So we hope you’ll forgive this delay. The bug itself is not too difficult to fix, but the queue for getting through apple reviews might take more than a week!

Many apologies, and thank you for your continued patience.

We will return shortly!

Much love, 

Melody — exhausted developer, ninja-ing social media before Samantha can lecture me on grammar


An April of Awesomeness (and a poll)!


Before we get started with this post of awesomeness, we want to thank you all for your support and understanding regarding the delayed release. The extra time has certainly given us the chance to create something we hope you’d enjoy—and, in the spirit of complete honestly and full disclosure, I’m going to (temporarily) cast aside my eloquence and restraint, and say: aaaaahhhhhhh we’re all super excited about the release and are dying to know what you think about the new content and shinies and there’s this thing and there’s this other thing and it all happens but nononononooooo spooooilers and eeeeeeeep!!

(Please excuse me for a moment while I adjust my bonnet and regain my composure.)

Ah yes, the update. The hitherto elusive update that, we’re very pleased to announce, will be available in one month. That’s right: 30 more days before you can get some new Regency Love shinies! Being quite the (sometimes rabid) fangirls ourselves, we at Tea For Three Studios know those 30 days might seem like a long time, which is why we’ve decided to put together a month-long series of posts and events to help with the wait, and also to share with you some behind-the-scenes Regency-loving. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Tuesday Teasers that contain concept art and some commentary from both Jenny and Melody;
  • Friday Features that discuss some of the writing process, as well as some information to put the Regency in context;
  • A character reveal of this new gentleman;
  • A giveaway to celebrate the release;
  • A countdown that comes with a daily surprise;
  • A special event on the release day

We hope you’re excited about this, because we certainly are (in an utterly demure, lady-like manner, of course)!

To kick off this April of Awesomeness, we’ve got a poll for you today. When we first started working on some of the minor characters, I put together some profiles to convey to Jenny and Melody what I had in mind for them. I’ll be posting one of these character profiles on Friday 10 April, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide who it’ll be. The options are:

  • Mrs Worthington
  • Mrs Earlwood
  • Harriet Earlwood, the middle of the three Earlwood sisters
  • Bessy, your maid

Please cast your vote using the following poll. You have until 8 April to decide.


Meanwhile, we’ll be hanging around on Facebook and Twitter (especially since I have a three-week Easter break to work on Regency Love full-time), so feel free to give us a shout about, well, anything. In any case, you’ll be hearing from us again soon—after all, Friday is just around the corner!

Yours &c,
Samantha, on behalf of the team