Lord Sutton’s spin-off novel

Dear Regency Lovers:

We hope this letter finds you well. It has been over a year since we last wrote, promising to update you with any news about the Sutton spin-off novel. It is now with great pleasure and excitement that we wish to inform you of our progress: we have just completed the most recent draft of the manuscript!

We also have a title for the novel: Lady Lavender. The current version consists of three volumes (anything else would be scandalous!), forty-three chapters, and a little over 100,000 words.

Now that we have a decent draft (the earlier ones were rather shocking), we will proceed with the following steps:

  • Create artwork and supplementary/digital content
  • Receive feedback from beta-readers and editors
  • Make final revisions based on said feedback (we are aiming for late 2019)
  • Launch a crowd-funding campaign (late 2019)

We are still tossing around ideas about ‘digitalising’ the novel and including some extra content. Some of these include:

  • Illustrated scenes and related artwork
  • Maps and floor plans
  • Soundtracks
  • A mini glossary for all the references and allusions

Thank you for all your patience and support over the years. We are (super uber duper) excited about Lady Lavender, and we look forward to sharing the novel with you! Until then, we wish you health and happiness, and remain yours, &c &c,

Jenny, Melody, and Samantha

Update: Regency Love and the Sutton novel

It’s been a long while since we’ve posted an official update (over two years, to be exact) – a fact that many of you wonderful Regency Lovers have pointed out (sorry!). We are so incredibly grateful for and humbled by the amount of emails, messages, comments, tweets, and other words of support we have received over the past few years, and are continually surprised when someone writes to us about discovering Regency Love, a game we released almost 5 years ago. Your kindness and occasional giddiness about the game give us so many warm and fuzzies!

Since we have received so many questions about the status of Regency Love game updates and the progress of the Sutton novel, and since you have all been so amazingly patient with us, we wanted to make a post to clarify where we are right now.

Firstly, Regency Love itself: Our group is currently on an indefinite hiatus when it comes to producing any additional in-game content, but our developer Melody is working to resolve any bugs or issues that have been flagged. However, the three of us have so many more stories we wish to tell, and we hope that we’ll be able to return to the game when our personal and professional lives allow for it in the future. We honestly don’t know how long that will take (though our writer Samantha jokes that by the time we’re ready, we may have to make Mama the new protagonist). In any case, we will definitely let you know if there is any news to share, whether this be in a year or ten!

Secondly, the Sutton spin-off novel: In short, it is still in the works. Since this is primarily Samantha’s personal project, she has been taking her time with the writing, redrafting, and re-redrafting. The current file she’s working on is called ‘Sutton-2.2.docx’, and has 127,644 words. This has been a difficult draft since there is so much to discard and to re-write, but she does intend to finish and publish it one day. She will occasionally post progress updates on Instagram and Twitter (with #SuttonNovel), but, as with the main game, we will share any noteworthy news when available.

Once again, thank you for your continued patience and support. We know there isn’t any ‘new’ news in this post, but we hope Lord Sutton’s striking features might make up for it!

Yours in mutual Lord Sutton appreciation,
Jenny, Melody, and Samantha

New Project Announcement: Shax

Hello hello, lovely folks, it’s sure been a while! While Jenny and Melody are heading into an Australian “autumn” (which is hotter than your typical British “summer” day), I’m currently in the chilly and utterly amazing coastal city of Helsingør in Denmark, known in English as Elsinore. The name sound familiar? If so, you might’ve encountered it before in the form of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which features a castle based on the real-life Kronborg. Yup, that’s where I’ve been spending the last few days as part of a Shakespeare conference–and yup, it has been geeky and awesome beyond words.

The super awesome castle.

The super awesome castle.

In fact, today (23 April) marks the 400th death anniversary of the Bard, and forms the epicentre of a year-long celebration, with all sorts of amazing events held all over the world. On this monumental day, I’m thrilled to announce our next project: a Shakespearean game for iOS (and possibly Android) entitled Shax.

As you the title suggests, this is a very playful–and sometimes irreverent–game, and aims to be funfunfun rather than “educational”. While it is also rather different from Regency Love in many ways, Mel and I have gone back to some of our earlier Regency Love-inspired design concepts, and are having a blast making this game. We hope you’ll consider giving Shax a go when it is released (we don’t have a confirmed date yet, but are looking at roughly 2016/2017)–writing this game has been so much fun, and I hope you’ll get to enjoy it, too!

I caught the sunrise this morning on Shakespeare's 400th deathiversary--and then these swans appeared!

I caught the sunrise this morning on Shakespeare’s 400th deathiversary–and then these swans appeared!

On a final note, for those who are wondering: yes, the Lord Sutton novel is being written, slowly and surely–just like how his affection for a certain lady grows.

Farewell, 2015; greetings, 2016 (and Lord Sutton)!


This has been quite an extraordinary year for us at Tea For Three Studios, and especially for Regency Love: we’ve somehow managed to double our number of players (thank you to all the awesome folks who’ve helped us spread the word—you know who you are! :D); we released our first in-app purchase in the form of Mr Graham’s story; the Wikia we set up has been filled with information, courtesy of our lovely contributors; some wonderful fans have made a page for us on Wikipedia; our game now has an iPad version; and, most importantly, when Samantha swung by our Sydney headquarters, we made (and feasted on) gentlemen-themed cupcakes.

As a teeny, independent, and transcontinental studio with three ladies, no funding, very little time, and way too many ideas, making the game was certainly a labour of (Regency) love—and we are super duper happy and grateful and touched and warm and fuzzy that you’ve come to love it, too. So, at the risk of yet again sounding like someone stuck practising the same scales on the piano: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Although we have many more Regency Love stories to tell and characters to share with you (here’s a list), our current range of commitments and limitations means we won’t be able to work on expanding the game itself in 2016. That being said, we will continue releasing updates to fix any bugs/typos/other nasties as they’re brought to our attention—we certainly don’t want you to be attacked by evil, misplaced apostrophes!

Additionally, as we announced on Twitter a while back, we are working on a spin-off novel centred on Lord Sutton. Specifically, Samantha is writing it independently (with feedback from Jenny and Melody, of course), which will eliminate the serious bug-zapping and copious artwork required in a highly interactive and visual novel such as Regency Love, but will still allow you to experience more of the stories and characters we love so much. We’ll be asking for your support in a crowdfunding campaign in order to release the novel—more details are to come (i.e. when Samantha has completed a solid first draft, and has a better idea of a timeline). The rough release date will be late 2016 or early 2017—since Samantha has a PhD thesis to complete and defend in 2016, we’re afraid we can’t be too specific at the moment.

What we can say is this: there will be oodles and oodles of Lord Sutton. Perhaps even in compromising situations, if you manage to bribe Samantha (a dangerously easy task). If you want to follow the novel’s progress, please feel free to check out Samantha’s blog or Twitter, where she has been known to get rather carried away.

And while you’re at it, please do check out the Interwebsian spaces belonging to Jenny and Melody—there are certainly lots and lots of shinies to discover!

Thank you once again for accompanying us on our Regency Love journey this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have, and we are very much looking forward to sharing some epic Sutton-esque shenanigans with you in 2016!

Yours in tea and Lord Fat Cat aspirations,
Jenny, Melody, and Samantha