Lady Lavender: Kickstarter Launch!

It’s finally the 12th of October (in Sydney) – our Lady Lavender Kickstarter campaign is here!

If you have enjoyed Regency Love, we would very much appreciate your love and support!

Please also help us share the word about both the spin-off novel and the original Regency Love game. All your love and support will help us with our next project – and we know you will love what we’re working on now!

With love,
Jenny, Melody, and Samantha

Lady Lavender: Cover Reveal + Spin-off Backstory

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to present to you: the Lady Lavender (draft) cover!

What do you think of the cover? Do let us know your thoughts!

Update: Our Kickstarter link is live!

As promised, here is the backstory for Lady Lavender:

Back in 2015 when we first created Lord Sutton (a plot bunny of Jenny’s genius), we were adamant he was someone the MC could not romance. He was supposed to be someone who is mostly rude to the MC, but then reveals his rudeness is a cover for his feelings – quite a cliché, we know, but delicious nonetheless.

However, as we developed Mr Graham’s story arc and fleshed out Lord Sutton’s character, we started succumbing to his charms. Ever so gradually, he became the rich, artistic, flamboyant, broody, Byronic man we know today. When Samantha wrote his confession scene, she was definitely struggling with breaking poor Sutton’s heart. However, it was the right thing to do, and both Jenny and Melody approved of the scene, which now exists in the game.

Then Mr Graham’s story pack was released, and we received many comments and messages about wanting to end up with Lord Sutton. While we did consider exploring this, we decided to remain with our original intention: to capture those bittersweet feelings of unresolved tension and what could never be. We wanted to keep eliciting those emotions in Regency Love, despite the heartbreak that comes with it – after all, we all know what happens to certain characters in the Dragon Age series, to the Friar’s letter in Romeo and Juliet, to Erik and Charles on a Cuban beach in X-Men: First Class, but we still keep going back to those stories.

Then one day, an idea came to Samantha: Lord Sutton and Ellie would be perfect for each other, and a spin-off novel would allow us to explore a romance with Lord Sutton in a different way. We liked the idea’s potential, and we saw it as an opportunity to break out of our format for a little bit, and to give Samantha a bit more freedom in shaping the narrative – there are so many aspects of Lord Sutton’s character we can explore with a novel that we can’t with in-game dialogue (even with the occasional eavesdropping)!

After five years of writing and re-writing, a few rounds of feedback from Melody, gorgeous artwork from Jenny, and some evenings spent over bubble tea, we have a story about Ellie, Lord Sutton, and their nearest and dearest (teaser: the novel contains a secondary romance). 

We hope you will enjoy Lady Lavender, and we look forward to your support on our Kickstarter – the launch day is only three days away (12 Oct)!

P. S. While the events in Regency Love and Lady Lavender are technically canonical, we absolutely endorse and encourage all manners of fanworks! We love that Regency Love has made it to AO3, and you are more than welcome to write your own versions of Lord Sutton’s story!

Lady Lavender: Heroine Reveal

It’s finally time for our heroine reveal! The female protagonist of Lady Lavender is…

Miss Eleanor (Ellie) Ashcroft!

What about the MC from Regency Love, you might wonder? She was once Miss Katherine (Kitty) Fairfield, but after her adventures with a certain gentleman and his family, she is now known as Mrs Marcus Ashcroft!

Congratulations to all those who guessed correctly – we will email you in the next week or so!

Here’s a summary of the events that occurred in a Regency Love game prior to Lady Lavender (major spoiler warning!):

… (There are some serious spoilers ahead!)

… (Serious spoilers!)

… (All the spoilers!)

… (Okay, if you’re sure…)

  • MC courted and married Mr Ashcroft
  • MC helped Richard’s reconciliation with the Ashcrofts
  • MC developed a close relationship with Ellie
  • MC never met or courted Mr Curtis
  • Mr Curtis and Mr Ashcroft met through mutual acquaintances and have become friends
  • MC played matchmaker between her childhood friends Phoebe (Miss Ingram) and Tom (Mr Winslow)
  • MC never met or courted Mr Graham, hence she never met Lord Sutton

Curious about why we went this direction with Sutton’s spin-off novel? We’ll be making a detailed post on 9 October along with the Lady Lavender (draft) cover reveal – we hope you’re excited about it! 

In the meantime, do let us know your thoughts about Ellie and the type of relationship you might encounter with Ellie/Sutton!

Lady Lavender: Mood Playlist

We have compiled a mood playlist for Lady Lavender. While these pieces do not feature in the novel (a separate playlist will be posted after the novel’s release), they capture various moments throughout the story. If you listen to it in order, you’ll get a sense of the emotional narrative of the novel.

You can find the Spotify playlist here.

Here is the list in order:

  1. Pleyel – Flute Concerto in C Major, 3rd movement
  2. Mozart – Divertimento in E-flat Major, K. 563, 1st movement
  3. Gluck – Orfeo ed Euridice, ‘Melodie’ (arrangement)
  4. Pleyel – Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in B-flat Major, 1st movement
  5. Handel – ‘Endless Pleasures’ from Semele
  6. Haydn – String Quartet No. 30 in E-flat Major, 3rd movement
  7. Vivaldi – Concerto No. 4 in F minor ‘Winter’, 3rd movement
  8. Beethoven – Symphony No. 3, 1st movement
  9. J. S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 4, 4th movement
  10. J. S. Bach – ‘Jesu, meine Freude’
  11. Piccinni – ‘O notte o dea del mistero’
  12. Steibelt – ‘Turkish Rondo’
  13. Boccherin – String Quintet No. 6 in E Major, 2nd movement
  14. Mozart – ‘Overture’ from The Marriage of Figaro
  15. J. S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 5, 5th movement
  16. Corelli – Concerto grosso in G minor, Op. 6, No. 8, 3rd movement

We hope you’ll enjoy the playlist, and do let us know what you think!

And if you haven’t gotten your character/plot speculations in yet, please do so before 3 October when we reveal Sutton’s love interest and the role the MC plays!