Tea For Three Studios

At Tea For Three Studios, we always have a story to tell: of ladies laced in corsets and men in cravats, dancing to a familiar tune; of fingers that almost touch, and smiles that reach the eyes, and across a tray of scones and jam; of kittens, of mice, of turtles who dream of flying and wombats who dream of healing; of whom you might become, if only you had a fine coat, or hat, or a pocketwatch, perhaps.

Stories we give you, for you to tell the way you like, while sipping your afternoon tea. Stories you carry with you, in your bags and in your pockets, on the way to work and on your bedside table. Stories you take, and keep in your heart.

Stories we love to tell, so you can love to live them.

Currently brewing: Games and apps for the iPhone. Check our blog for updates.

We are always interested in ideas, worlds, and stories. If you have a particular blend you’d like us to brew, talk to us.

The crew:

  • Jenny Tan
    Lead artist, visual development, illustrator, visual branding
  • Melody Wang
    Code wrangler, UI warden, groomer of game mechanics
  • Samantha Lin
    Blogger, conferencer, social media-er, all the words