Lady Lavender: Heroine Reveal

It’s finally time for our heroine reveal! The female protagonist of Lady Lavender is…

Miss Eleanor (Ellie) Ashcroft!

What about the MC from Regency Love, you might wonder? She was once Miss Katherine (Kitty) Fairfield, but after her adventures with a certain gentleman and his family, she is now known as Mrs Marcus Ashcroft!

Congratulations to all those who guessed correctly – we will email you in the next week or so!

Here’s a summary of the events that occurred in a Regency Love game prior to Lady Lavender (major spoiler warning!):

… (There are some serious spoilers ahead!)

… (Serious spoilers!)

… (All the spoilers!)

… (Okay, if you’re sure…)

  • MC courted and married Mr Ashcroft
  • MC helped Richard’s reconciliation with the Ashcrofts
  • MC developed a close relationship with Ellie
  • MC never met or courted Mr Curtis
  • Mr Curtis and Mr Ashcroft met through mutual acquaintances and have become friends
  • MC played matchmaker between her childhood friends Phoebe (Miss Ingram) and Tom (Mr Winslow)
  • MC never met or courted Mr Graham, hence she never met Lord Sutton

Curious about why we went this direction with Sutton’s spin-off novel? We’ll be making a detailed post on 9 October along with the Lady Lavender (draft) cover reveal – we hope you’re excited about it! 

In the meantime, do let us know your thoughts about Ellie and the type of relationship you might encounter with Ellie/Sutton!

12 thoughts on “Lady Lavender: Heroine Reveal

  • Dawn

    I love this idea!!! Ellie is one of the sweetest characters in the game and I definitely feel she will bring the kindness out of Lord Sutton.

  • Cerylia

    I’ve been pretty excited about since I first heard about the game and played in 2015. I was a little unnerved to hear that the MC of Regency Love would appear—I was kind of hoping everything would be left vague so it could be canon for everyone. And I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty disappointed in a chosen route (especially when it’s not my favorite). I hope this does well for all of you, because I love the game and want your works to be successful, I just can’t bring myself to support it at this point.

  • Alex

    I knew it was either Ellie or Mary! (Poor Mary will she ever get married ) But I’m really excited to see what our MC is up to next and I hope you finally draw her for us ❤️

    • Eriberri

      I disagree about the MC – she shouldn’t be drawn or her features described and I really hope she’s not. It destroys the immersion of the Regency Love game that otherwise allowed us to envision/play MC as we imagined her to be.

  • Shannon

    Oh my goodness!! I’m so happy! It’s exactly as I hoped it would be! I wanted to guess that the MC was Ellie’s sister in law, but I wasn’t sure if the MC’s story was going to be so defined or left vague as she was pretty personal and different to everyone who had played, so my submission will probably only be considered half correct. But that particular route is my personal favorite and I am thrilled that it will feature in the novel!

  • Eriberri

    It’s great that MC is going to be in the book and will support Ellie in her quest for love, even if my heart will remain broken for my MC’s dreams of Sutton (it’s gonna be tough to top the chemistry MC had with Sutton), I’m willing to put it to rest for Ellie’s happiness. 😉
    That being said, I’m a little worried on one point: how heavily will MC in the book be described in terms of features and personality? I’m only concerned that this could mess with how we envision our character to be in Regency Love and so potentially lower the immersion when we play that game. I understand it’s a tricky thing to do in a book without making it vague, but I hope you’ve considered it all the same.
    Looking forward to supporting this project and getting some quality MC/Ashcroft loving! 🙂

  • Layla

    Ah how exciting!! I’m definitely biased as Mr. Ashcroft was my favorite route, so I’m thrilled to read more of his relationship with the MC. I loved Ellie as well, so it’s all a win in my book! I hope you won’t be discouraged by some less than enthusiastic responses – it’s going to be impossible to please everyone when making a fully fleshed novel out of a choice based game and involving a playable character of course. But for me what made Regency Love so special was the clear passion put into it, the endearing characters and brilliant writing. Regardless of the narrative choices, I will be happy to support this project so that I can enjoy more of this lovely world you’ve created!

    • Anna

      Amen! I am so excited because Regency Love filled a hole in my heart due to my obsession with Pride & Prejudice! I am so excited and I know that Ellie will be a fantastic MC!

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much for your support and encouragement – it really means a lot to us! <3

  • Anna

    I absolutely love this idea! Yes, it is different than Regency Love because the character’s identity was still your own but I think this is still going to be a choices game? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 BUT, you are an amazing group of writers and creators so I know I will enjoy the content no matter what! You have a serious supporter here -raises hand-

  • Laura

    Hooray!! It’s so nice to see these updates bringing together so many people who are passionate about Regency Love. I was definitely not expecting the heroine to be Ellie, however I’m excited to see their characters explored in more depth 🙂 In the meantime, time to make some updates to the Regency Love wiki!

  • Darling

    I am so late but this is great news! I wonder if we will hear about MC brother Christopher though? That mystery has been on my mind forever!

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