Countdown: Yayayayay!

Apple has given their seal of approval, which means the update is pretty much ready to go! Samantha found out about this upon rising at 5am in Belfast, and promptly texted Melody (who’s at work at 2pm in Sydney), and we’ll be reconvening at noon/9pm cause Sam has to tweak the original release post she wrote and Mel has to do some final fiddly things on the App Store and then it will be available!

(Meanwhile, Jenny is impervious to timezones and is silently conquering the world with her artz.)


One thought on “Countdown: Yayayayay!

  • Caitlin

    I just updated and purchased the Mr Graham arc. Fangirling yet to cease. That is all.

    Also, congratulations on the update, it looks and sounds wonderful!

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