Gooey words of gratitude

Since releasing Regency Love almost two weeks ago, we’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of support and kind words from all you amazing folks across the globe. (And we were featured on Polygon, too!) To be perfectly honest, we are quite flabbergasted about all this—we’d hoped that our game might be appreciated by a small audience of story-lovers, but didn’t expect such enthusiasm and support from so many people! We’ll do our best to reply to your queries and comments, but please forgive us if we’re not entirely prompt (especially since our communications person is currently holidaying and playing around in all the snow and ice and shininess of her first real winter).

Gooeyness aside (mmm, gooeyness…), we wanted to let you know a couple of things, in the vein of a mini-FAQ-esque list:

Non-iOS release?

We would absolutely love to release for Android in the near future, but, unfortunately, we don’t currently have the funds or resources to do so. The three of us plan to have a nice, long (Skype) chat in the second week of January, during which we’ll discuss possible plans for the future. In any case, as soon as we have any news, we’ll definitely let you know!


We’re very sorry to say there have been a few bugs in the game we didn’t manage to catch pre-release, including one related to Mr Ashcroft’s ending. Additionally, we’ve been made aware of a battery-drain problem. Mel, our programmer extraordinaire, is busily working on those issues (amidst her happy post-Christmas food coma), and we’ll release an update with the fixes as soon as the bugs have been zapped.

Mr Graham?

When we initially planned for our 16 December release, we were going to include Mr Graham with the other bachelors; however, a few weeks before release, we decided to concentrate on other aspects of the game, and to save him for one of our updates. For those who are interested in this dashing redcoat, rest assured, we have every intention to integrate Mr Graham fully in the game. This may depend on funds and resources, but again, we’ll let you know after our little chat. (Jenny is quite a fan of Mr Graham, though, and I’m sure she’ll continue to champion him!)

Mr X, Y, and Z?

Ooooh yes, we have plans for quite a few more gentlemen whom we’d like to introduce to you! We have their names, families, stories, concept art, and dialogues all sketched out (with huge chunks of conversations already written!)—all that’s left are the major questions of resources and funding. But we will look at our options and try to come up with something!

I know, so many things are up in the air at the moment, and we’re really sorry about that. But please do be patient and bear with us—this is our first game, our first little company, our first foray into the possibilities of a Regency romance RPG, and we’re doing the very best we can! In the meantime, we’re infinitely grateful for all your feedback, your interest, your helping us spread the word, and your amazing support—lots of warm and fuzzies, indeed!

Thank you, happy holidays, and we hope to see you in 2014!

(And now I’m going to go build my first snowman!)

2 thoughts on “Gooey words of gratitude

  • Christi

    I would like to see some more interaction with Mr. Digby. I feel like we don’t get to know him really. Unless I’m. Missing somethings in my game play. I absolutly love this game! As a Jane Austen fan I will shout your praises!

    • Samantha

      Hi Christi, thanks for getting in touch, and for your kind words! Depending on funds and resources, we’d definitely like to include more of Mr Digby in an upcoming updates—we already have quite a few plots (and possible blunders) planned out for him!

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