Sunday Soiree: Regency-styled!

For the month of June, our blog posts will be themed around Regency clothing. Quite befitting, considering our current projects are rather Regency-heavy—in fact, we’ll be releasing the Costume Theatre dress-up app later this month (provided all goes smoothly at the App Store)!

In fact, to celebrate Regency attire, our first Sunday Soiree provides a sneak peak of how the Costume Theatre app could be used. And while we’re at it, we might as well introduce ourselves, too.

Jenny: The girl who drinks Chai. Nothing’s more fantastic than doing sketches with a cup of tea and a macaron on the side. Nothing more depressing than spilling said tea on sketches. Note to self: put tea further away from sketches.


Melody: Not so proper. Mel shoots a teacup while sporting a muslin gown with a cravat and top hat.


Samantha: Likes to pretend she’s a man of letters. Cravats, waistcoats, top hats—bring it on! And bring a notebook and quill, too.


We’d love to know what you think about our particular self-renditions!

One thought on “Sunday Soiree: Regency-styled!

  • You all look amazing! (I’ve decided Samantha is actually Mr. Darcy.)

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